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Thread: Does anybody else believe sexuallity is a fetish itself?

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    Default Does anybody else believe sexuallity is a fetish itself?

    Hello everybody
    I have had this idea for a while now. I have begun to think sexual preference in gender is a fetish. The thought of living the rest of you life with somebdoy doesn't require a gender, but rather a desire to love and be happy with that person. Having sexual relations with somebdoy requires an attraction, which I believe is similar to our attraction to diapers The attraction to a sex seems more like a fetish to me. Thoughts? Anybody have a better explanation?

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    It's not even classified as a fetish. I have seen people call their partners their fetish. My first ex used to tell me I was his fetish. It seems like anything out of the norm is classified as a fetish.

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    Tricky one, sexual fetishes, are characterized by having a sexual attraction to an inanimate object, in our case, this is the wearing and the thought of wearing/using diapers. Sexual orientation towards a person of a specific gender is just that, an orientation. As the vast majority of people are sexually attracted to members of the opposite or the same sex or both, and the people are not just objects, it is therefore probably incorrect to characterize which gender turns you on as a fetish. Secondly, sexual orientation is something you are born with, whereas I am fairly sure that fetishes are something that can develop in early childhood and/or beyond. Take many people on the forum for example, many of them were in diapers well past being a baby or toddler, and when stopping wearing them, they found that they missed them, or they hated them for a few years and then found out that they weren't so bad. In fact, this article by 'Psychology Today' makes several suggestions as to what a fetish/or paraphilia is
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    I couldn't find a definition of fetish I liked but the definition I use is : any abnormal sexual desire (I know a fetish isn't always sexual but this definition fits the context the OP was talking about). By "sexuality" I guess you mean desire for ordinary sex between two adults which is not abnormal.

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    No it isn't as archer pointed out. A fetish is sexual attraction to a inanimate object. The sexual attraction must be present first. Also, sexual drive is as much chemical as it is emotional. Where I would say a fetish is all emotional/mental. Even if it is a hard wired desire inside the mind.

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    I wonder what happens when someone is into something that is classified as a fetish but it's not sexual for them. To them it's all innocent. I still call it a fetish because it's classified as one and when I read up on paraphilic infantilism, it doesn't always say about people getting off on being a baby and using their diapers so that tells me it can be innocent or done with sexual gratification.

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    Considering that you need a male and female to reproduce I don't think so. Aren't we pretty much driven to like the opposite sex anyway?

    I know it doesn't work that way for gay people or asexual's like myself. I prefer woman over guys, but I have no wants or needs to become sexual with a woman nor a guy.

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    It doesnt have to be a need, its a drive or an urge, although I dont think sexuality as a whole can be considered a Fetish because EVERYTHING is a product of sex in the circle of life. Sex and reproduction is what sustain the world... animals, organisms, humans, we all eventually have the desire for sex whether its with same or opposite genders. Religious people would have you believe that a sex drive is solely for the purpose of reproduction and thats it, but sexual pleasure is one of the great things about being a living organism lol. Im not a sex addict but if you took away my sex drive id probably be depressed within a few years because sex helps prevent so many different emotional and physical ailments and diseases. So in some ways... i guess you could say we DO need it lol but about as much of a need as we need to laugh.

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    or cry. :P

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    From my point of view their is perversion in every individuals sexuality except my own.

    I am sure with enough analysis one persons attraction to another could be diagnosed as abnormal LOL.

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    1. I suppose that an extreme objectification towards a desired sexual...erm...'target', for the sake of this context...could be considered fetish like, if not an actual fetish.

    2. I being not at all religious, believe that a sex drive is solely for the purpose of reproduction, and in that context a male and female are required to reproduce...and the enjoyment aspect, may be what's needed as a reward or enticement to ensure procreation...and that intimate sensuality, and masturbation... collectively and respectively might likely 'punch-the-ticket' that assists in maintaining health by purging pent up body and emotional substances. AND, that the deviations from the factual requirements of procreative participation...may in fact be natural (healthy) processes to effect said purging, while controlling population detriments, such as over population, and less-than-optimal genetic coding...and those natural (healthy) processes are in constant and subjective distress by fearful ignorant presumptive arrogant extremists...who 'know everything'...except how to see other possibilities...while generally under the guise of some prescribed doctrine, such as politics, and religion.

    And if I may..."Emotions lead to changes in our mental and physiological states such as heart beat, breathing etc. It affects your biological states and electro-chemical reactions ..."


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