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    I'm kinda new to the whole diaper thing..I bought a sample pack of large and medium Dry 24/7s but they didnt feel very comfy/fit good. I tried standing up and laying down trying to put em on but when i stood up the waist part was loose..I dont plan on wetting in em yet so are there any comfy diapers that are comfy without being wet? and er this is gonna sound stupid but what does the baby powder actually do? ^^'

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    I find that putting on a diaper standing up gives a better fit. You need a wall or something to lean against. Open the diaper and spread it out behind you, and lean against the wall to hold it up, then you have both hands free to pull up the front and tape it. Fasten lower tapes first, as tight and as low as you can. Then the upper tapes, which should be angled downwards.

    Baby powder wicks moisture away from your skin (to a limited extent) and if you're not planning to wet, you don't need it. Unless you just want to use it for the smell and feel of it.

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    Diapering is something that takes practice! Every brand of diaper also has a better way of fitting depending on how it is cut. Give yourself a few packs of different diapers, and you'll start to get an idea of the different fits / feels of the way they fit.

    Having a partner to help you get diapered also helps a lot! You can get a much better fit if you have four hands.

    As for baby power, it helps keep your skin dry in a wet diaper.

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    Hi Shyanne, well, we were all new to it at one point.. but I don't think so many of us got to start out with such a premium diaper. May I suggest something .. If you are not going to wet in them yet, and want a lot of practice putting on and getting that comfy feeling just right. Look around some of your local discount stores and or sales papers, look for something like cheap TENA's or Depends Max Protection.. You can usually find both pretty cheap.. or just some generic Walgreen's brand, CVS, Walmart etc. A quick search for "cheap diaper" will turn up plenty of good suggestions on this site. This way you can get lots of diapers to practice with and if your not going to wet them yet, you don't need to worry about how crappy they are. Then when you want to go to a premium brand like Dry24 or Bambino you will have the fit just right.
    Happy diapering!

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    I'm so glad I saved this after typing it the first time, it's my how-to on a perfect diapering experience Also, powder not only helps to prevent diaper rash, but it makes you smell really good

    If you're going to use powder, make sure NOT to get it on the tapes or it wont stick. The tape side goes in back of course.
    Lie down, and then either lay down on top of the diaper or pull it underneath you until you position it so that the leg gathers feel like they
    are supposed to (i.e. the bigger part covers your butt then thins a little to go in between your legs). Then make sure both sides look
    even and not lop sided, as well as you feeling comfortable down there (up or down, it's up to you, but up tends to leak more).
    Then you could pull a little on the top of the back of the diaper to see if it's snug, and make sure that the front goes up to your
    belly button. It might be a little higher or lower depending on how you tape it. Make sure the front is relatively smooth when you get
    ready to put the tapes on. Depending on what diaper you use, it might have tapes that have two tries on them, so you get two attempts
    You're going to want to tuck the side of the front under the sides from the back and then bring the tapes over, starting with the both ones.
    Make sure when you tape them, you make it relatively snug, but not to the point where it hurts or constricts your blood flow. Try to find a
    comfortable spot before you stick the tapes on, then stick em. Once the bottom ones are secure (taped, rubbed them a little bit
    for a better stick, etc), you can either stay on the floor/lying down or you can stand up to do the top tapes. Standing up to do the tops
    always gives me a better fit because I will be standing up here and there with my diaper on. Then you just enjoy your diaper ^_^
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