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Thread: Meep! This bunny is new ^^

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    Default Meep! This bunny is new ^^

    Hello everyone. I'm a new user to this site, and would like to explore around and make some friends in the process. I love to draw and do a little gaming. Since I'm here, I do like my fair share of diaper fun, mostly in terms of drawing characters wearing comfy diapers.

    If you're curious about this bunny I'd love to answer any questions via PMs and the like. I might be a tad shy as I've discovered this nice place just recently ^^

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    Default Welcome!

    Excellent. You'll do quite wll here, bbunneh (Although I'd watch for some confusion- There are plenty of furs here, and I know at least one of them plays as a bunny.

    You'll find that ADISC is strong in caring and respect. I've only been here a month or so, but I've met few users if any who bite, and the vast majority are quite huggable.

    Two questions for you:
    1. What are your passions in real life? Most of us here have something unique to offer outside of our common interests- mine is psych, others like rhetoric, or animals, or history, or art. What are you?

    2. What are you looking for out of ADISC? Some of us come to read, others to make connections, to discover more about ourselves. ADISC will be what you make of it (as long as it's PG_13 or lower). Making friends is a given, of course- introduce yourself to some kind users, or make your way over to the Adopt-A-User thread under Adult Babies.

    A few words of advice: Use the live chat to make some introductions. It helps to get to know the people behind the posts.
    The forum is quite vibrant at almost all hours- find threads you like and subscribe to them.

    (note: if you can guess where I ripped this next bit off from, you can have a free hat.)

    Be polite, be efficient (with your speech), and have a plan to hug everyone you meet.

    Welcome to ADISC!

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    1. What are you? Big fan of the arts. Drawing, music and a little bit of stories. I love finding unique styles or cool/cute artwork.

    2. What are you looking for out of ADISC? To mostly read and make connections like you mentioned

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    Yay! I am a furry too! more specifically a feral. and I dont care what anyone else says, Bunnies are awesome!

    BTW I would encourage you to upload an icon/avatar that identifies yourself better, if you dont have custom artwork don't fear! Google Images has plenty of awesome bunny pics you can choose from, I would suggest a nice cute fluffy real bunny pic if you can't come up with anything else. Sometimes that encourages people to be more friendly and also makes you look like less of an internet newbie ;3

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