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Thread: Huggies Hawaiian diapers?

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    Default Huggies Hawaiian diapers?

    Just saw a commercial of these. Apparently, if you buy a pack they help pay for diapers for babies in countries that can't afford them.

    They're basically the Huggies diapers but fully covered in Hawaiian prints. They come in two different colors, orange prints and blue-green prints both with white flowers.

    They are limited edition.

    Here's a vid about them that showcases them perfectly. I can't find the commercial on YouTube, but at least someone posted a vid about them already.

    Huggies Limited Edition Hawaiian Diapers - YouTube

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    These look really great! I wish I could fit them.

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    Yeah but I can't find them in the size and quantity I want! They are either size 5 (they don't come in size 6) in a huge box for like $20 or Size 3 in a bag for a moderate price. I'd want a bag in size 5 because the bigger the size the easier to mod, also the bags are cheaper than the boxes, and they contain a more manageable quantity.

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