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Thread: Peachy what the hell?

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    It probably involved high strength sedatives, a Peachsuit and lots of diapers.

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    Aww...all those innocent can they scare a 6" 200-something pound guy to a point where he goes running for cover?

    I had nothing to do with it - honestly!


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    omg rofl if that guys is 100% serious i feel sorry for him otherwise lmao

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    its funny......But forget the guy, what about the poor innocent peaches that got injured and smashed in the Show how do they feel?

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    Good god almighty peachy, You are a horrible, horrible, fruit. I hope you know what you've done to this man, to cause him to run away in terror from you. [/sarcasm]

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    run tubby run!

    Damn... I don't like peaches... but sheesh.

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    aww you guys dont make fun of people who have phobias, It's not funny!
    I have a phobia myself as most of you know and it sucks ( im emetophobic - phobia of puking or seeing others puke) some people when they find out will make gagging noise and it freaks me out! its not cool at all it really can take over your life i know..

    Okay so being afraid of peaches is a little weird and maybe even being afraid to puke but who are we to judge?

    Thats just my opinion though.....

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