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Thread: Awesome Diaper Score!

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    Default Awesome Diaper Score!

    I just scored 3 cases (72 diapers per case) of large First Quality IB Diapers off Craigslist for $40.

    My dad and I went and picked them up today.

    I usually wear medium, but these fit fine, and the price was right.

    I'm so happy I had to share...

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    That is an awesome deal. Maybe I need to look on there to see if there are deals in my area.

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    It was one of my best scores so far on diapers. I see them on on CL now and then at good prices, but never this good. He wanted $15 per box, and I offered him $40 for all 3 and he took it. In fact I'm wearing one now, and it's nice and comfy. As a bonus; my dad actually took me to pick them up. I kept my IC and diaper wearing a secret from him for years, and now he knows. It's such a relief because I can even walk around the house with diaper fringe hanging out of my waist line and not worry about it. What a relief to not have to hide it anymore! I even talk about it with him, and make the occasional diaper joke.

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    Wow, lucky score! 1st Quality are my favorite cheap diaper.

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    That's super good, the best I've seen was 10 dollars a case but I'm pretty sure it was only pull ups. The best I've gotten with diapers was 3 packs of x plus's for 30 bucks. And then three bags of xl3's for 20 from the thrift store.

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    Actually First Quality IB's are my current favorite diaper. I have yet to have a major leak, and I love the feel of the plastic. It's soooo soft!

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    First quality are highly over looked in our community mainly cause we want thick. But FQ has the softest diapers ever. If I didn't already have a closet of various diapers and qualitys id pick up a pack of those.

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    Yeah, they are pretty awesome!

    I don't personally care about thickness; I just need to keep my pants dry. They do that very well... I usually wear the Depend underwear during the day and these at night, but I have been wearing these more and more all the time. They're cheaper, more secure, and more comfortable. They pass the discreetness test too. I regularly wear them under my shorts and nobody has a clue. They make very little noise, and don't sag too bad when wet. The only complaint I have is that the padding will clump up and fall to the bottom after awhile when it's hot out. I think that is universal with most diapers though.

    I would definitely recommend that anyone who has not tried First Quality to do so.

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    Lucky! I'm so jealous of you right now. Anyways I hope you use them well!

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