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Thread: Losing the feeling

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    Default Losing the feeling

    I know i've posted something similar to what Im about to mention but the concept is different.

    For some reason I have been drifting from diapers and abdlisms for the last month... Like I dont get the urge much and primarily, I dont feel CUTE in them anymore... Like not just that I dont find myself cute-looking, not JUST that, but also I just dont feel cute anymore in it... I feel like im stupid for doing this... I haven't felt like this since i was maybe 16 (im gonna be 23 in 2 months) and i guess not having my abdl enthusiast friends around anymore to GENUINELY tell me how cute i look, i guess its hitting me NOW that maybe im just not cute.. in looks OR personality...

    Idk why i feel this way but its been getting to me the most this past week.. And not feeling cute in my abdl things makes me not want to participate in it... But i still feel an attachement and connection to my diapers and play things and i still want to buy any new upcoming things... but as far as wearing at home or wearing out or just wearing in general.. i no longer see or feel myself as a baby.. i just feel like a fool...

    Anyone else get this or have any solutions? It seems my only ego-booster now is alcohol -__-

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    I've had this, too. I think most of us will have done at some point.

    I'm afraid I don't have a solution because my 'little' feelings overruled everything else. Sure, there were times I felt kinda foolish and like I was stupid for pursuing it, but... The safety and security of my diaper - my sleeper and my teddy and stuff... That made those fleeting feelings worthwhile.

    Perhaps an enforced break from it? Until the urge returns of its own accord?

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    I get theses feelings also, What in a situation like this is take a break until the feeling comes back to me

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    Im pretty sure this happens to every *B. Seeing as we do have normal lives outside of *Bism, it's really easy to get stuck seeing yourself as an adult, therefore making baby play seem a bit ridiculous. I go through phases like this as well, however, it usually goes away in a few days. Although the feeling has disappeared for a month, *Bism does not simply leave eternally..I'm sure you'll get back to liking it again soon c:

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    I have the same feeling..

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    ... I just wish I knew why i dont feel cute anymore... And not having this my mind embrace this obvious part of me is causing my mind to wander and think about things that usually would stress me out if I didnt have my ABDL side to de-stress me...

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    I know how you feel! I've been in that exact position. I just allow myself to get away from it all. I hide my diapers,pacis,etc and tend to keep off ADISC. I let myself enjoy other things like crafting,reading,etc and kind of forget that part of me. Sometimes it lasts for months that I'm like "ugh,don't even want to look at a diaper."

    Eventually I get back into it and I use it as a de-stresser (Since it's not sexual for me). But sometimes it may be weeks or even months of me not being in a diaper of being in that mood.

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    the problem is that I dont want to take a break... idk its weird, I want to enjoy it but im just having a hard time doing so, well not so much today as I did yesterday but still >_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyAmk View Post
    the problem is that I dont want to take a break... idk its weird, I want to enjoy it but im just having a hard time doing so, well not so much today as I did yesterday but still >_<
    I've been there as well. Unfortunately IMO what you want doesn't really come in to it - AB only works if you can get your mind into the right gear. When I've felt like that I've tried to do other things which are relaxing rather than try and force it to happen (which doesn't work!). It'll come back tho!

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    Dont feel bad, this has been my situation for the last month or so

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