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Thread: embraced what you have it may seem odd but if you enjoy it it doesnt matter

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    Default embraced what you have it may seem odd but if you enjoy it it doesnt matter

    ive been a dl for a while and have hidden it from most it started with a friend of mines brother still using pullups since he wet the bed i would snatch a few of them and bring them home to ware its just calmed my nerves and brings me back to a time where i had no worries or control the world was as linear as a game of house of the dead, im 18 play tons of games on steam and a while back xbl im as of now starting to look into wiccan as a religion being raised christian im looking at a way to open even more to my fiancee and get diapers of my own ive finally started to simply associate the ab/dl tag with my self and im happy with that i hope to met some like me since the last person i know he was moved to hawii a while back blessed be and have a nice day

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    Really nice intro bro, enjoy the forum.

    You have no idea how many ppl find out they are DL through taking diapers
    A note of wisdom
    When I take a diaper, do you know where it goes? On me lol jk

    Anyway enjoy the forum have fun & I hope you make many friends here who share yoir uniqe intrests.


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    will do im glad the community is so great here

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