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Thread: Anyone else cry?

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    Default Anyone else cry?

    Anyone else cry after having an accident? I don't usually but recently wet my pants by accident and had a little teary. And if my nappy leaks over night.
    Anyone else out there?

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    sometimes I pretend to cry if my daddy wont change me.

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    Sometimes I cry when I laugh a lot. But in reality it's just my brain bleeding from so much exertion. Blue bug's blood and Brain bug's blood, and Black bug's blood, they're all clear! Now you know.

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    Cry, no. Swear a lot, yes.

    I do cry at certain Disney movies though (Lion King and Beauty & The Beast)... :'-( *is just an old softy sometimes*

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    maybe pretending, but not actually crying.

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    Yeah, sometimes but not very often. I have done before when my padding has failed or has been overloaded and somehow I missed the protection of the pee sheet and the rest of my bedding gets wet. Sometimes I get depressed about the whole situation and it can get to me .

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    I cried once when I messed myself at the Denver airport. I was sick and had diarrhea and messed myself. It didn't help when mom got mad at me and chewed me out for it. It really wasn't my fault.

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    I don't, but I would more likely to sigh with disdain or cuss a little if my nappy leaks badly.

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    I get frustrated with any leaks and accidents and hope you carry some tissues and spare nappies with you sweetie!

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    I cry a lot thinking about my deceased Wife of 34 years.

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