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Thread: Certainty diapers?

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    Default Certainty diapers?

    Alright so basically my mom agreed to buy me diapers if I agreed to start therapy, however I cant order they have to be in store diapers. So are certainty diapers good? How much do they hold? Finally, how bulky are they?

    PS. Therapy is for a car wreck that happened a while ago and is to release some anger I still have toward my father.

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    Certainty diapers are ok if you can't get anything better. I find that if I double them up and cut holes in the inner one (so it leaks into the outer), they hold a decent amount and are pretty thick.

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    maxipoo im verry proud the fact that u brave anoth to go to the shop by your self and buying them its alls a verry good thing that u are go therpy now. becouse we know that for this plan u will get happyer becouse u doing wat u think is good and following wat u are saying and normaly if do that u shoul be a happyer person.

    diaper wise i had two thing wat come to mind first thing u could try is drynites/goodnites you could try tena they have a whole verity u can get ones like pull ups and tape ones and u can get the in extra small and small so u could find something wat could fit u. but wat i recmound if the drynites/goodnites have fit you in the past try the tena xs if u are just that bit bigger do try the tena small i would say i will give u the links for you.

    drynites/goodnites 8-15:

    TENA extra small range: Find different TENA products for children

    now im not sure if u from amrica or not so if u dont how much it is in dolers i will give u curncy convater. just copy the price from amazon and stuff in to it and it will tel u the price roundish it be in the united states

    curncy from GBP to USD: XE - Universal Currency Converter

    allso im so sorry way u going thourgh dude if u ever need to talk about it and u see me on chat or u just want to mes me u can i will be there to help u if u sad dude everyone on adisc is here to help u out

    have a good day man

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    I tried some Certainty diapers the other day, mainly because they were on sale, and because the old Depends don't seem to exist any more. I would call them functional, but no more than that.

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    Thanks everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowSplash View Post
    maxipoo im verry proud the fact that u brave anoth to go to the shop by your self and buying them its alls a verry good thing
    Thought I would clear this up, my mom is going and buying them for me because when I had them before I was very calm and concentrated, however when I don't have them I can't concentrate and am very irritable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxipoo View Post
    , however I cant order they have to be in store diapers.
    Maxipoo, keep in mind that Wal Greens is not the only place to obtain store bought diapers. Look around your area (pharmacies and other possible stores or healthcare places) that sell diapers. Sometimes you can get lucky a find diapers that are near premium grade and be available right off a store shelf. So don't totally give up hope of finding a decent diaper.

    On a side note, I use Wal Green Certainty diapers when my stash runs out. They're not too bad. However, one diaper by itself is not the greatest, but if you double up (2 diapers on at the same time) then they're not too bad. What I've done in the past after wearing a doubled diaper,,,take the outer diaper and cut the side panels off. Then cut slits on the outside on the front. Then get out a fresh diaper and use the modified diaper as a stuffer. This tactic can help keep you from going thru too many diapers too fast and also helps to add a lil extra bulk to your diaper when you wear it.

    Good luck and keep up posted!

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    Well my mom hasn't left yet and I'm not sure there even is anywhere else by me.

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    Alright she just left

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    Maxipoo: I am the same way, having a tactile processing disorder attached to autism. If I don't wear a Goodnites under a standard cotton brief at least, I tend to suffer from serious interpersonal problems. Much of this due to a physical discomfort that interferes with my concentration, and my ability to maintain proper boundaries. You are definitely doing the right thing by having your mother help you get the products you need. I also hope everything goes well with your therapy. Best of luck!

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    my mom decided it was to late to go. So no diapers tonight! Wish me luck on getting them tomorrow.

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