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    Well, I have not been posting for a while, but I have been busy with a lot of other things. I have only purchased diapers a couple of times. I have had no problems before because the supermarket I usually go to has three self checkouts. Now, the problem now is that there is now an employee who seems to have been appointed the job of watching over these self checkouts all of a sudden. This has prevented me from going back again, and now it seems that I will have to try and find a new store to buy from. Any advice?

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    In my experience, those watch-overers are only there to help if something doesn't work and you can't figure it out yourself. If you already know your way around those self-checkout machines, then you'll still not be interacting with anybody.

    But the bigger piece of advice is: The cashiers and clerks don't care what you buy, so just try not to worry. Why, when I was a young whippersnapper, there were no self-checkouts! I was buying my own Pampers at age 13... from a human! It sucked the first time, but it was no sweat from then on. People really don't care.

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    I agree with Cottontail. Every time I buy, I buy from a person and it really isn't as bad as you may think it is. Most likely they just want their shift to end and couldn't care less about what people are buying. If you are still concerned, try small talk with the cashier and very subtly suggest who the nappies are "really" for. In other words, just say that your parents sent you to buy them for a family member. If you sound annoyed they'll believe it and pity you a little bit and, quite possibly, relate! Be warned though, the first time I bought nappies I tried small talk and it didn't go to well as I unintentionally raised a sensitive topic (I complained about my parents only to have the cashier say that hers are no longer alive. Luckily I am fairly quick witted and apologized and found a way to brush it off and the ordeal did not end too badly). The other thing you could try, which might actually be more lucrative for you, is to go to a thrift store or a dollar store. I would suggest going to those as nappies are far cheaper and there is usually no other customers if you go to the right place. In my experience with them the cashiers at these types of places are almost relieved to see someone walk in as they are just so damn bored. While this does mean that they might talk to you, if they do, they will definitely be super nice and helpful. If I were you I would look for thrift stores near you online and then when you do go, have something some sort of excuse in the event that the cashier will say something to you. Keep in mind that the rest of the people you know will most likely never go this store or ever even see the cashier in their lives. One last thing, if the person at the checkout line does want to talk, that might just work in your favor. If you strike up a compelling enough conversation, you might work out a discount. This is especially true for the tiny stores since, like I said, the cashiers are so relieved to have something to do. I have managed to get discounts in the past at all sorts of stores for a variety of different items so just keep confident and try not to worry too much.

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    Thanks for the input everyone who has posted so far! I was fine buying the first couple of times, but for some reason my nerves have come back.

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    When I was 13 I was very shy about buying diapers so I asked a friend to run them through the check out for me. I would give my friend an extra few bucks for helping me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    When I was 13 I was very shy about buying diapers so I asked a friend to run them through the check out for me. I would give my friend an extra few bucks for helping me.
    That counts as brave, I think! At 13, I couldn't have imagined letting my friends in on anything to do with my diapers.

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    and of course there's always better diapers to be had when buying online. once you've started doing that it's hard to imagine going through in-store purchases again.

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    i just walk up to the counter and buy them, just don't make it seem like a big deal; being a former cashier, we usually could care less what you're buying. if you're nervous and shaking like a leaf that tends to draw attention to you, if you're confident and act like you don't care, they would more than likely assume you're buying for someone else.

    plus it's usually a smart idea to buy them in a different town if you don't want to be seen by someone you may know.

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