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Thread: Good customer services from Bambino, yet again.

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    Default Good customer services from Bambino, yet again.

    Well, sort of. I emailed Bambino last night with some suggestions, because at least compared to other diaper companies they listen to what we want very well. I already got a responce, about 18 hours later. That alone is what I'd call pretty good service, even though I didn't get the responce I wanted.

    Here's my email suggestions and their responce.

    First and foremost, I want to thank you for making a great product.
    Everything about Bambino diapers is just wonderful. You fill a need in a
    lot of people's lives. And you listen to your customers, even though as
    good as your products and services are, you don't really even need to.

    So, because you do such a great job in customer service and listening to
    what your customer base likes I have a few suggestions.

    First, the Bellissimo is just the greatest diaper I've used sense I out grew
    Huggies years ago. (Kinda a silly name, but hey!) It would be nice if
    there was a 'Bianco' or simular option though. The bunnies and ballons and
    stuff are cute, but sometimes thats not exactly the best thing to wear out
    and about.

    And second, many people, myself included obviously, are stuck right in
    between sizes. Now even moreso because you offer XL, it might be a good
    idea to offer some overlap in sizing. The medium could be a little bigger,
    or large smaller. I can wear either, but the mediums are a bit tight around
    the legs and don't rise up in the midsection quite enough. Larges are
    just...BIG on me. It would be awesome if either of them fit just a little


    Thank you for your suggestions. We are currently not planning on changing any specifications on our diapers. However, we will send your e-mail to our product development team for further review.
    Thanks again for your feedback.

    I know I'm not alone, other babies and DLs feel the same way. And, Bambino does in fact listen to their customer base. So, lets let them know what we're looking for.

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    I dunno that's actually pretty poor customer service, you just got a canned response. Good customer service would have been like "Hi Corry, thanks not planning on changing, but if you have that sizing problem some of our customers have found that X diaper will fit them better as it is slightly larger in the legs, thank you for the feedback and I hope we will continue to have your business" of course more verbose but yeah. What you got was the business equivalent of a brush-off, I've gotten much nicer responses from almost every other company I have personally emailed. That's actually very much sub-par to what I would expect considering the raving I've heard about Bambino (I've not personally ordered from them yet).

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    I wouldn't assume anything from the response, not even that it was canned. They are a small business - limited staff and time to do anything other than fill orders and keep things moving. The response did directly address the concerns, even though brief. Brevity in the response is efficient, and most likely it is sent on to the proper people for evaluation during the next product update. For a company with (tens of?) thousands of customers (assuming the same cut / design is used for Secure X-Plus to save $) hearing from just one consumer won't cause changes, rather it's the aggregate - "hey, 30% of our customers are having sizing issues" vs. "There's one customer who asks we do X - but we're not seeing others with the same issue, so changing would potentially tick off the vast majority..."

    As to why canned responses are sometimes necessary - imagine a small business with 5 employees all working 50 hour weeks, barely keeping up, and you put up a job posting and receive 300 resumes. If every resume was followed by 2 phone calls asking for status you'd have 600 phone calls to answer on top of the already overwhelming work load. Now imagine having to write 299 personalized "Thanks for applying" messages to the other applicants after you hire someone when you still have only enough manpower to keep up with production...

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think the mediums are just a smidgen to small too - not going up the waist enough to work as a belt. Because the height of the diaper is lower, perhaps this partially explains why they no longer produce a small diaper.

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    I would have to disagree LittleMiss. The fact that they responded at all is in fact good customer service. It was an actual respone, not automated. It came less then a day after my suggestion, and my suggestion was addressed and passed along. They by no means had to respond, or for that matter even read my suggestion.

    I totally understand lacutah's point, and don't expect them, or any company, to change a mass produced item based on the desire of one customer. That is the other point of my posting this. I know for a certainly that I am not alone. I have spoken to others that have the same problem being between sizes. Bambino has listened to us in the past. If enough people point out an area they can improve or a product they should consider, they have in the past listened and made what we are looking for. Where do you think the Blanco, Teddy, and Ballismo diapers came from? We asked, they delivered.

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    I agree with LittleMiss. The response just sounded like customer service. Not good customer service.

    All companies, both big and small, will respond to their customers - some with more canned replies than others and some with more personalized messages than others. A 2 sentence reply to your message seems like a brush off to me. Sure, you can say kudos to them for even replying, being a small business and all, but that doesn't make the experience "good." It makes it just plain customer service in my opinion.

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