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Thread: what would you get with $85 million a year salary

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    Default what would you get with $85 million a year salary

    if you made that much money every year or more lets say you made between 85 and 100 million dollars american(54,000,000-63,000,000 pounds) for the rest of your life what would your life be like what would you do with the money and how would you live?

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    Why would I ever need more than even 1 million?

    Anyway, I would buy up a bunch of old property and fix it up and rent it out to poor families for very cheap. Skip rent in December to buy some presents for the kids.

    And then... I would buy some gravel.

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    I would live about the same as i do now, but in a bigger house located in the oregon desert. I would still buy everything used and shop mostly at thrift stores and ebay. I want to have a big junk yard full of scrap metal and electronics like my grandpa had when I was a little boy. I loved taking things apart and inventing new things. Many people find this odd but I would also love to own a landfill, theres so much cool stuff to find in them.

    I get much more enjoyment out of helping others
    I would setup a free diaper mailing list for all ABs. A free case of diapers will send out to everyone on the list once a month for life. I would also build a housing development for ABs to live in free so they could live like a baby and not have to worry about work or bills.
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    A nice home, nice cars, motorcycles and a mutha fuckn helicopter. I would also spent my evenings sitting in my leather chair drinking scotch, smoking fine Cuban cigars and listening to Bach on 78.

    Ok maby the last bit might not happen but I would get some damn nice cars.

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    I would live about like I have always lived. I would buy a new house (nothing extravagant), pay off my debt, and stop worrying about how much my diapers cost me a month. Then I would make sure all of my friends and family were taken care of. Finally I would help others who can't pay for medical treatments, housing, and food. I would also donate money to various animal rescue centers and sanctuaries. Basically I would take care of my needs, my family and friends, and then help others. Things that all people making that kind of money should be doing.

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    There is the obvious stuff, buy a house for myself filled with the latest tech gadgets and a collection of cars. I'd then make sure my friends and family are taken care of. After that I'd donate to various causes. Using the money to fight for LGBT rights, helping the homeless and poor, starting a scholarship program to help make college affordable and others.

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    With that kind of money. I would like to have nice home(not big as mansion but it will have tank and fighter in garden), a car collection, a private library, a gun collection, a private helicopter and jet fighter
    and some collectibles

    And i want to use the money to built a business empire

    But also i want to donate to help unfortune people and muslim all over the world. Helping my family and friends
    And also i'm gonna pay zakat every year with that. Also last but not least i'm gonna take my family go hajj

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    I would donate most of it to charities or scientific research. But a 36ft boat and a crew to help me sail the seas sounds like a nice way to spend the first year.

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    That's a lot of money...I'm sure a one-time payment would be enough...not to have that much every year...that'd be insane!

    Anyway...first I'd buy the land and build my dream home and furnish it with all the best furnishings & art, and of course the latest in 'hi-tech gadgetry'! Then I'd add several automobiles to my garage...not sure which ones...but with that kind of money I could have any I want so it's all good! :-) I would also buy a boat...but not your average 'yacht' I'd want something big and with sails! Of course, the crew to sail her and to tend to my every whim would be included! Then I would sail around the world visiting all the places I ever dreamed of visiting.

    I would, of course, see that my family and friends were well taken care of...say a million dollars/year to each of my 6 siblings and 2 million each to my kids (that's only 10 million so I've still got lots left for friends).

    The remaining money I would split evenly between two charities...The Edhi Foundation and The IWK Health Centre Foundation.

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    I would give a lot, to my family and friends and people who need it. I would donate to local pet shelters, homeless shelters, and for health causes like cancer, std awareness, etc. As well as working my way into politics to lobby for equal rights for the gay community. My boyfriend and I would finally close the distance, and we'd live in a humble little apartment until we're ready to move into a house (nothing too extravagant)and then maybe I'd take a shot at opening a bakery because with that kind of money I don't think that I would have to worry about failing. PS, I'd also take a bunch of poor kids to Disneyland every year (including friends of mine who have never been able to go) and have the Aquabats play at my wedding. x3

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