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Thread: Hometown pride! Especially in the here and now!

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    Default Hometown pride! Especially in the here and now!

    It's no secret I am from Kent, Ohio and right now I am just filled with hometown pride. First off, Kent is rebuilding a lot of it's downtown and bringing in jobs and growing.

    Second, my local school Kent State is in the NCAA College World Series for the first time ever! I am loving it, LOVING it. I'm feeling in the past few years a sense of hometown pride. I have never felt it before like this as I used to hate my town and that was mostly cause of the teasing and crap I went through in school.

    It swells my heart with pride when I watch the CWS games on ESPN and see Kent State baseball in it- especially since before this year I had never seen them on TV because there are no TV facilities at their ballpark. SO, it's pride in my hometown and it's something I never thought I would ever have.

    I was wondering if anyone else ever feels hometown pride at times?


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    My city (entire state for that matter) sucks.

    Nothing to do, horrible weather, everything is spaced way far apart, drivers are morons, streets are cracked and full of potholes, our sports teams suck, no good bands ever want to come within 500 miles, and the wildlife seems hellbent on destroying anything you try to do. They're evil and conniving and will do whatever they can to get in your garage and knock over your trash can. They tear down metal fences to get to your gardens. Heaven help you if you leave your pet outside overnight and a pack of marauding coyotes happens to pass by!

    At least I can say that the scenery is beautiful especially if you see it from up above the city, but all of the scenic spots are being built over by "talented kids" schools and old people's homes. Arizona is where old people come to die, just a little more slowly, because of our clean air. But it won't be clean for long.

    Also: dry heat? YEAH RIGHT

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    i am from Milwaukee WI and i do until they do something completely stupid like riot at state fair and at the juneteenth festival and trash the mall and vote someone completely incompetent at there job to be the governor then make me defend them to my friends here in TX ahh smh gotta love your hometown

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    I guess you could say I'm a farm boy at heart.
    I was born in Cleveland and got out 38 years ago.
    I now live in north central Ohio in a town so small that we have "Welcome to____ on both sides of then same sign.
    This is my home and it is where I belong not in the big city.
    And yes I'm proud of it.

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    I love my city. I wasn't born here but I've lived here more than half my life so it's definitely home for me now. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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    I am currently living in Manitowoc Wisconsin. I've only been here for a few years. Two things I know of that can be 'hometown pride' is that Manitowoc is world famous for it's crane production 'Manitowoc Crane'. It is also a docking port for the last steam powered passenger ship in the US, the 'SS Badger' car ferry. But the one thing that makes it home to me is my wife and our house together.

    I am originally from Newark, Ohio. It is in central Ohio, 36 miles east of the capital city of Columbus. I can't think of much to be 'hometown proud' of that place either. But it does hold a lot of memories for me as it is my old stomping grounds and the city I lived in when I first got a place all my own.

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    I hate my town. I hate my state. Everything about this town is down right terrible and boring. The people are stupid and rednecks run wild. A small town and it has a gigantic heroin problem. I hate Ohio, and cannot wait to leave. Why my family decided to stay there is beyond me.

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    I live in Michigan. It's not quite so bad as people (& the media) would like to portray it.

    Right now I live in Metro Detroit, in a suburb which could be considered Ann Arbor Lite . It's pretty good, but on the weekends it gets a little sordid and d-bags fill the bars, which I certainly try to avoid at night. Other than that, it's neat. We have a music theater where we have world class entertainment, a lot of comedians, bands etc. Recently the city council also approved a plan to make the community more bike-friendly. There are arts and crafts shows there and in the summer we host an art and music festival. In conclusion, there may be better places to live, but for the time being, I can't really complain.

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