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Thread: question about gift cards

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    Question question about gift cards

    I really just need to find out from others experiances what gift card to get, Do I go and get Visa, AmEx, Mastercard. I am looking for the one that has the least hassle for ordering online.

    Thanks in advance - Secretylme

    I know I read a thread about it before but I could not find it

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    Visas always have instructions on the back of the card, I can't say I know anything about other brands.

    Know *exactly* how much you'll be paying. (Go through all the steps of ordering without giving a credit card number, just to see the total amount.) Sometimes you can't use two cards at once! It's much easier to get a card for $27 and have 43 cents left over than buy one for $25 and have to transfer the money to PayPal or anything.

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    I think I used a Visa one for bambino teddies 2 summers ago, Visa's also seem to be pretty widely accepted as well. If they don't have that I would say go with discover.

    Also as Col said know much much you need to put on the card AFTER the first time fee. To activate the card they want like 3-5 dollars that unless the card it on "sale" the activation fee won't be added into the card itself.

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