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    Dear All

    I just like to apologise to everyone about my reputation level on the site and wish i can have it normall again *crys*

    I know that I may have upset people but I like to try my best and work hard again to show my respect to others on the site.

    From my ab site iv helped loads of tbs and pointed them here for there support and getting help from others.

    I will try my best and be good little ab/toddler here


    Baby Junior

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    ADISC is a generally a forgiving crowd. However, just because you're crying about it, doesn't mean your rep is magically going to be normal again. You screwed up, you will pay the consequences. Try making intelligent, helpful, kind, and respectful posts, and in time your rep will be back to normal.

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    as far as i know your negative reputation is mostly from spamming. so as long as you don't use this site as a place to promote your own site or products that you sell, i'm sure your reputation will go up if you start posting frequently.

    mods will never delete negative rep unless they believe it's unjustified.

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    Apology accepted, other then that: you'll have to work yourself up again. And it's very well possible. Like said we can be really forgiving if the member really shows that he wants to change for the better but he'll have to do it. Good luck.

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    Knowing how often people get rep here, it will be a very long time before you even get to 0 again. It is possible though, perhaps in 6 month's time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incomplete Dude View Post
    Knowing how often people get rep here, it will be a very long time before you even get to 0 again. It is possible though, perhaps in 6 month's time.
    No need to scare him!

    If you play your cards right BabyJuniorUK. I am sure you will easily reach 0 in no time. Your of an age where people would expect some maturity out of you. Just seemed that you didn't understand general ettique of the forum. Nothing out of the ordinary, just try and use common sense. Be polite and contribute well to topics you can put some input to. I am sure you'll settle in nice and easily.

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    Start making some constructive, community-building posts and you should get back to a green name shortly.

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    Well I hope you can turn your rep around, like Mavvy said we are a pretty forgiving crowd.

    Don't spam, and it doesn't matter if you brought 1, 10 or 100 people here, that doesn't mean you are pardoned from the rules. Just because you own a site doesn't make you God....

    So yeah, I hope to see you posting and having decent conversations.

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