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    Hi I am new here so thought i would introduce myself. I am a 20yr old female and to be honest am completely new to the AB/DL world. Infact until a week ago i didnt even no it existed. Since i was about 10 yrs old i hav thought about wearing and using diapers but always tried to ignore these thoughts as i thought they were wrong. As a 10/11 year old these thoughts were mainly for comfort, i used to make stories about it wen i couldnt sleep or was anxious. And then as i reached my teenage years it became more of a sexual fantasy. I still tried to ignore it tho because i thought it was weird and wrong. Then a week ago i read an article in a magazine about a women who was an AB and wore diapers and i was shocked that there were other people who liked these things to. Since then i have been reading more about it and that is what has bought me here.

    At the moment i am stil quite confused about what i am, but i am curious. I still have those feelings that its "shameful" but its good to know that there are a whole load of people out there who have the same desires as me.

    I hope my post hasnt offended anyone, i am not saying that being an AB of DL is a shameful thing.
    Take care everyone

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    'ey, welcome!

    Sounds like a rather common story, actually. There's so many people who join here and go "Wow, I thought I was the only one!!!". Well, you couldn't have picked a better place to learn all about this stuff!

    So... yeah, welcome to ADISC!

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    Hi Millie, welcome to the forums.

    Hope you have a good time here.

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    Hi, Millie. Make sure to check out the Wiki for more info as you go through your period of discovery. Don't be afraid or anxious about asking any questions you have - this is an excellent and very supportive group! And make sure to check out some of the non-AB related forums - there is a lot of good stuff here!

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    I'm really surprised you were unaware for the duration of puberty. For most puberty is a time of sexual exploration and self discover as well as curiousity among urges. So it usually drives people to type in words on google and get shocking results :P

    Well welcome!

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    Hi there waves , and a big welcome hugg

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    Hi Millie

    Welcome from Irelands DL's. Being a dl is nothing to be shameful about after all everybody has a fetish and ours is that we love the feeling of nappies (diapers). The reason you probably feel shame about wearing nappies is because like all fetishes nobody talks about them publicly and if you feel that your fetish is even a tad sexual then it must be wrong. Well it's not.

    This site and others like it are a great way for us all to realise that we are normal people who live normal lives.

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    Hiyas Millie and welcome to the forum. I was as well really surprised as you were when you found out I'm sure. After finding out you're not the only one, its really comforting. I'd suggest reading more about it in Wiki if you want to learn things about it. This was actually the first place I communicated with people who were *b/dl (Well technically it was the tbdl IRC) I've learned a lot from people on here, made a lot of friends, and I hope you do as well. ^.^


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    Hey Millie!
    Welcome to ADISC! Nice intro.
    Hope you enjoy this community and hopefully more females (like you) who "like dipes" can find ADISC and sign up!
    Again, welcome and happy surfing!! ~ Will =)

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