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Thread: baby diaper as pant liner

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    Default baby diaper as pant liner

    has any one ever used a baby diaper as a liner in underware?

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    Not sure what you mean by liner, do you mean just wearing a baby diaper untaped in underwear? If so, I believe my answer would be no. Please elaborate though, if you don't mind.

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    tractor93: There are some who use baby diapers as pads, or pant liners as you call them. Many here will have trouble making sense of it, being AB/DL. However, it is an occasional practice among adults who have minor incontinence, where a belt-less undergarment or male "pouch" won't work. A typical size 6 toddler diaper is very thin and undetectable, yet absorbent enough to catch a somewhat reasonable amount of liquid. It can be carried discretely in a standard front pocket, ready for use when the need arrises. On disposal in a public restroom, there would be no evidence that the article was worn by an adult. This makes them among the most handy, discrete, and versitile of absorbent products.


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    Can't say I've ever done it myself... but I have heard of it... especially in cases of women who may have some continence problems after child birth... as noone would think a thing about them carrying diapers around anyways.

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    Never done it, but I have used baby diapers as soakers in bigger sized diapers, obviously. This is a good concept because it would be extremely discreet yet still protect you for minor accidents. Any kind of major IC wouldn't be able to be dealt with using this method, though.

    Also, I assume you would need a tight-fitting pair of underwear as most people wouldn't be able to tape on a baby diaper.

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    I've done this a lot. I'm kind of a small fellow so i don't need a huge diaper to get me through just a few hours, as long as i'm not doing gymnastics in them. Also they are much more discrete than adult sized diapers, or even goodnites and allows me to wear my sexier low cut jeans and tight t-shirts

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    Never done it myself but I have heard of it. Don't know anything about it though, so it is difficult to comment. All I can think of is be careful with leaks, it is more likely to leak that way than if you can find a diaper that fits you properly.

    Also, ^5 the xkcd fan [/tangent]

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    Erm, it holds a little have to be very careful with leaks though...

    It's alright...easy to hide, easier to get without weird looks.

    Not as nice though. Definitely not as nice.

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