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Thread: Does anyone else hate bedrooms?

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    Default Does anyone else hate bedrooms?

    Curious as to whether i'm in the minority or if other people hate bedrooms as well compared to living rooms/lounges and studies? they just look so small, muddled and poorly put together compared to living areas and studies and always appear to lack any real purpose aside from being a place purely for sleeping.
    I always try to hide my bed as much as possible in favour of showing off my desks, couches and even the sewing machines and other work crap i tend to use, simply because i always find it a little soul crushing to see a bed just sitting there since its essentially an oversized couch but is too intimate to use as a normal piece of furniture anywhere around the house.

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    For me bedroom is one of nice place to be. Because in bedroom it's private place where i can do anything. And also i think bedroom is good place to search inspiration

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    you could always get one of those beds that converts to a couch when your not using it ( not the pullout beds). my room also doubles as my sewing/ project room so the bed is usually being used for something besides sleeping during the day unless i want to catch a quick nap.

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    Oddly, I spend a good part of my day in my bedroom...that's where my desk that's where I sit.

    Of course, I do use the living room occasionally...especially if we have friends over...mostly just for chatting/watching movies tho'. Yeah, we have an XBox Kinect, but the only one who's used it for gaming since we hooked it up is my 6 year old granddaughter. We mostly use it to watch movies...easier to put them on a USB stick than to burn 'em to DVD, and if they're good I can always burn 'em to DVD later to watch again.

    The kitchen is for cooking (and occasionally chatting) and the dining room is for eating (and chatting). We do a lot of chatting in this place it seems! LOL Heck, sometimes we're even in each other's room...chatting! *giggles*

    But...yeah....I like my bedroom.

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    My whole apartment is probably the size of someone's living room <_<

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    Like Ayanna, my desk is in my bedroom. I also have my TV there. There's a bigger one in the living room, but I don't have to share mine, and I have it hooked up to my computer, so I can watch videos on the big(ish) screen pretty easily. So I spend a lot of my time in the house in my bedroom, unless I'm cooking or something. I wouldn't mind it being a little bigger, but all in all, I like it pretty well.

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    I love bedrooms, partly because there is a bed in there (and thus I can go to sleep whenever >.>). I usually have a TV in there, bed, maybe a desk, etc. *shrugs* The only other room I'd want is a kitchen, as I do like to cook sometimes, so kitchens are nice, possibly slightly nicer then bedrooms.

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    We have one bedroom that we actually use as a bedroom, and I rather like that room. It's a bit sparsely furnished, since it's a 12x22 master bedroom and we only have a small bed, our nightstands, and a couple dressers in it. However, I enjoy sleeping, and the bedroom is normally a serene, relaxing, enjoyable escape from the rest of the world, which might be just down the stairs.

    You could go with a futon or a couch with a hide-a-bed, as you'd have a normal piece of sitting furniture during the day and a bedspace at night. Or, you could go with a traditional Japanese futon/shiki futon/kake futon and hide it away when it's not in use.

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    I just hate how much room a bed takes up in a small bed room

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleonejosue View Post
    I just hate how much room a bed takes up in a small bed room
    You could ditch the bed and go with a sleeping bag or a crap ton of blankets. If you want to go hardcore there's always the Murphy bed "fold into the wall bed".

    I never got the stigma on why it's bad to sleep on the floor. I've slept on a plastic crate while working at a rave when I finally pretty much had to pass out from exhaustion. I'm pretty sure I could sleep while world war 3 is going on and nukes are hitting around my area. :P

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