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Thread: Attends VS Generic

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    Default Attends VS Generic

    I've seen alot of people posting on other forums that all newer Attend's, especially the US ones are horrible. Right now I can get either the Assurance brand at Walmart or from my local medical supply store some Attends and am having a hard time choosing. I know with the assurance brand I will have to get some doublers such as pampers and cut them open but are attends going to be about the same? Obviously they wont be as good as some Abena's but until I get the chance to order those I wanted your opinions on which would be better, especially on price point (Cause if I have to double up on Attends as well, might as well get the assurance's considering the price difference).

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    Generally speaking, how good are Attends anyway?

    They've been on the market for while, so I'm wondering is they've succumbed to the same fate as Depends (ie. Just bad).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Generally speaking, how good are Attends anyway?

    They've been on the market for while, so I'm wondering is they've succumbed to the same fate as Depends (ie. Just bad).
    Attends are generally better than generic store brand diapers. They hold about a wetting or two. The plastic is very soft and crinkles a bit. The padding is also soft. The fit, when taped the fit is perfect. Doubling with two is no problem and feels quite nice. You can sleep with no bottoms and not have to worry about the diaper coming undone in your sleep.

    It's a good cheap alternative for those who only wear for spur the moment.

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    I used to like Attends a lot back when they were readily available in stores. Then they changed ownership and greatly reduced their presence in retail stores. As it happens, that wasn't such a problem since I really didn't care for the changes. Shortly after that, Depends improved their Fitted Maximum Protection line and while they weren't as good to me as the old Attends had been, they were better than the new ones and a reasonable compromise (as well as being readily accessible).

    I've since moved on to diapers better than either (Secure X-Plus in particular), but it's too bad that Attends had to change for the worse. Maybe they'll get their act together again some day.

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    Attends are better than the "generic" brands... but not by much.

    If your only choices are depend, generic, and attends... get the attends. Otherwise hold out for something better.

    I'm using Kendall Wings Supreme right now... a diaper marketed towards the medical professions (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) they come in clear unmarked plastic and are pretty cheap... they're actually on par with the Attends... but cost half as much.

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    I recently tried the attends classic style and the waistband style with the 6 tapes and quite frankly, they sucked. I honestly think that depends are better and a more worth while investment. The Attends however did have a good odor neutralization system which really cut down on smells.

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    generics are for the times you want to change alot, or when you like the full diaper feeling, i use TopCare cuz theyre $8 for 20, holds one good wet, same thing as assurance,

    note to TopCare- its my bottom that needs the care, not my top. thx.

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    I've been using Attends for about a year now, and I've found them to be a diaper worth buying. However, I do believe there is significantly better diapers out there. My biggest problem with them is their holding capacity. Often, they will leak after two reasonably sized wettings. The leakage factor comes partially from the fact that they have no leak guards, just padding then the leg-hole. Honestly, if I had to choose between Attends and Depends, I'd take Depends. For me, Depends hold 3 wettings before they leak and even have leak guards. Also, the padding in Attends begins to fall and separate when wet. (Note: The only reason I use attends over depends is because it's easier for me to order online than it is to go to the store and buy.)

    On the flip side, Attends have a nice plastic outer covering that offers a faint crinkle that is easily muffled if you want it to be. The three tapes offer excellent snugness with no chance of coming undone, and sometimes they're even refastenable.

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    I'd take the Assurances. As I've said before, they are AMAZING for their price. I've used a total of nearly 40 now and only had ONE leakage problem (and it was my own fault.....full-to-bursting diaper + laying down on stomach = not a good plan). They're not on par absorbency-wise with Abenas or Secures by any measure, but they're still pretty good.

    I'd rate attends and assurances about on par with each other, so get whichever one is 1) cheaper and 2) easier for you to get.

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    Wow, guess all the hype about them is fairly old then. Thinking I am just going to wait the week or two until I can order the Abena's instead of just spending it on a less than perfect diaper.

    Thanks for your opinions everyone, has made me more knowledgeable

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