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Thread: What To Do, What To Do....

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    Question What To Do, What To Do....

    My wife and daughter are going to visit her folks for a week in southern VA starting this Sunday. That leaves me opportunities to do some regression I normally can't do. My son will still be here and is between jobs right now, but he likes to sleep in until late morning. I only get this chance once a year, so want to make the most of it.

    Here's what I've been thinking: I want to try another baby-ish diaper, so while looking in Rite-Aid this afternoon I see they carry XL Underjams, Huggies 4T/5T PullUps, and Rite-Aid brand "Kids Pants" and "Overnites". The PullUps and Underjams have been discussed at length on the forums and I'm leaning more towards one of those brands. Anyone have experience with Rite Aid brands either pro or con? Absorbancy is not a biggie at all since I'll be wearing mainly just to wear and not use. I do plan on trying to sleep in whatever I buy, so just need to make sure the diaper won't self destruct fitting my 32" waist without tape to hold everything together. GoodNites fit me without splitting, so these others should fit about the same I'd think.

    I'm also contemplating trying a bottle with some homemade "formula". Still undecided whether to get a plain bottle or one of the liner (nurser) types such as Playtex makes. Might even be time for a new #3 paci. That would be it for purchases so as to not have too much evidence stashed away, waiting to be accidently discovered by another family member.

    I'd like to set up our old crib and/or highchair and do some sleeping/eating in them, but I'd have to do it in the wee hours of the morning while my son was asleep upstairs. The thought of napping in the crib with my new blankie and celebi plushie is appealing. However, that might be pushing the risk factor of getting caught a bit too high.

    Any comments or suggestions on what I plan on doing, or what you would do in my situation are certainly welcome, and even encouraged.


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    All I can say is, don't get caught...I can't imagine what I would think if I saw my dad doing these things, even if I was into it too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pramrider View Post
    The thought of napping in the crib with my new blankie and celebi plushie is appealing.
    I am surprised you would have/want a pokemon plushie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    All I can say is, don't get caught...I can't imagine what I would think if I saw my dad doing these things, even if I was into it too
    Yes indeed, Pojo, descretion is a must. I wish my son was working right now for more reasons than this. The diaper wearing in particular may have to be done behind closed bedroom or bathroom doors in complete privacy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I am surprised you would have/want a pokemon plushie.
    Yep, I've had a large (~14") Celebi plushie, purchased on ebay, since just after the Pokemon movie was in the theatres. We all went to see the movie twice and I thought Celebi was really cute. I have him sitting on a doll chair in our bedroom next to my wife's Raggedy Ann and Betsy Wetsy dolls. The Betsy doll is hers from when she was a little girl. Raggedy Ann was made by an elderly friend of ours who has since died some years ago.


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    if you really really dont want to risk getting caught you could rent a hotel room even not for the night just somewhere to regress in private i know it may not be cheap but just say you went shopping and your car broke down or another excuse for why you were gone

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    That could work if I had the extra cash hidden away. My wife handles the household budget and is getting most of the food we'll need before she leaves. She'll leave some extra for misc. expenses, and I have my usual money needed for work related expenses for the week. It's enough extra there to get a pack of diapers, bottle, and paci without raising suspicion, but not enough extra to go rent a motel or hotel room, even for a day. Plus, I need to stay close to home until my son gets up because he has put applications in at a couple places and one of them could call. Don't want him to miss an employment opportunity because I wasn't at home to catch the phone for him.

    I've had a successful regression week before with both kids at home while my wife had to be away taking care of her dad. Some days both kids were working at the same time, but other days one or the other would be off. After 30-some years I've gotten pretty good at being discreet with my AB side, though I don't want to become overconfident and blow it now. If anything I plan doesn't *feel* safe to do I just won't do it.


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    Yeah my only suggestion is to keep to your room and just tell your son you are feeling sick or something.

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    All I can say is... make sure you know exactly what time your son will be coming home at and leaving for work at. Don't get too carried away. And have fun regressing.

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    I have used the rite aid pull ups the size XL is a little more roomie than the good nights and they shoukd fit a 32 waist, they were a bit big in me, and the legs holes were a little wider also.

    I don't remember how absorbant they were but I never bought them again, I'm not crazy about the clothlike stuff.

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