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Thread: Question about Goodnites, ordering online, and other pull-up type diapers.

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    Default Question about Goodnites, ordering online, and other pull-up type diapers.

    Hi everyone.

    I know that Goodnites should only be used for children up age 15'ish, but I like the way they look. So, I have a couple questions regarding male vs female Goodnites.

    Is there much difference in them, besides the design? I don't plan on messing them, I just want to make sure I have an equal chance of them fitting. I also want to get Goodnites because I can purchase them at the store, and they seem more discrete than adult diapers, which I don't find very aesthetic.

    Also, is there any other type of pull-up diapers that might fit someone with a 28-30'ish inch waist? And lastly, when ordering online from places, say, Amazon, do they send follow up advertisements for diapers if you purchase something from them?

    This is my first time purchasing diapers of any sort, which is why I ask

    Oh, and if I do decide that I want to try messing my diapers in the future, what are some good places to purchase diapers that can hold the mess? Preferably, something that doesn't look like a blatant adult diaper.


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    The difference is that the girls and boys Goodnites have different protection zones. The girls are heavily concentrated at the bottom while the boys are up more. You say you have a 28-30 waist so you will easily fit into them. I am a 34 and fit into them great. You can also mess the Goodnites I have and they hold it well. I really like Goodnites. I used one the other day and it held up great and I highly recommend it :P

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    Goodnites leak but i still like them anyway and if you want a pull up, Depends makes a pull up but its kind of boring white and other than that i dont know. I also dont mess my diapers so i cant tell you any good diapers for it

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    I have been wearing GoodNites for 4 years now and I still love them to this day. They hold a decent amount, but once you get the front soaked, I suggest you squat and finish from there so the urine travels to the back padding, otherwise, out the sides it all goes. They also hold a really large amount of poop. Kind of hard to believe just looking at how thin the back is :P. GoodNites rock. Go get some, you probably won't be too disappointed!

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    Goodnites will out-last any adult diaper I've worn, because there is no clumping or padding shift. The ease of toileting is another huge advantage this product offers. I wear Goodnites when I am in a social environment that mandates the most discrete protection possible. For me, it has been the old standby for over 15 years, and I hope it stays that way for the next 20.

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