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Thread: too big???

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    Unhappy too big???

    so a year ago i was a 36 waist and was 170lbs.
    now i am a 29 waist and weigh 138lbs
    why did i lose weight? well i wanted to fit into smaller diapers easier but i am now noticing that on the bambino website and the abu website that the smallest ones they sell are a medium 32-44 waist on both sites. well that is a "big" problem because i am a 29 so my question is would they still fit me? or are they just sold out of the small ones.

    i feel kinda stuck.

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    They dont sell small sizes anymore

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    it does, I'm a very small person at 125 lbs. so that really limits my diaper supply

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    you would have thought that getting smaller would increase your ability to fit into diapers.
    but again my question is would the mediums still fit me?

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    I cant really answer that because i have never tried a diaper above my size soo....

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    the medium bambino's should still fit you I can't say for the ABU since I never tired them and have no plans to now. In the worst case scenario your going to have to pull the taps closer into the center of the diaper.

    when I ordered dry 24/7's back when they first came out. I ordered the medium/large which were their " large" diapers. Those things were huge on me but still worked well. I just had to tape them a lot more tighter lol.

    Currently with Bellismo's im a 32 inch waist and they fit me fine, I think a person with a 29 inch waist would fit near perfectly in them.

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    From what I remember the Mediums are huge. you might be able to make some adjustments. I suggest ordering a sample pack before ordering large quantities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokieABDL View Post
    Do you think pampers might fit you?
    What aren't people getting that pampers are baby diapers.. not youth/adult diapers. the same goes for huggies, luvs and store brands. Even if they did somehow to fit in which case they barely fit at all. Their usability is lower then even depends maximum.

    If people want to wear baby diapers bulid a time machine and give yourselves a few packs when your less then 7 or so. And even then be sure to bring size 6-7's only.

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