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Thread: My Life is Changing for the Better Now! :D

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    Default My Life is Changing for the Better Now! :D

    Throughout most of my life, I have had bladder problems and many urologist deemed me Incontinent for Life. While my most recent urologist has completely changed my life forever. He tried all the basic test, and all as before, no results. He said he'd seen this before and it was rare, but there is a treatmemt. He made a request to the state to allow a grant to get a machine that does nerve stimulation.

    Finally, after a year of letters to the state, and persuading the insurance company. I finally got my treatment. The technical term is long and hard to pronounce, but we just call it a "Nerve Stim". Its a type of therapy that uses accupuncture needles to send electricity to the nerves, to well stimulate them. I've been doing the treatment once a week for 3 weeks now, and I'm already starting to see improvements. I can actually control my bladder during the day now! I still cant hold it long, and I still have no nightly control, but I'm happy to see improvements.

    Hopefully I can report back on this at the end of the month to say everything is all good for once!

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    I am so happy for you. I wish you the best and hopefully you continue with leaps and bounds in improvements of your IC

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    This is incredible. . . here's to better living through science!

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    That is good that you are able to finally get treatment from a Doctor that is willing to do what is needed to treat a condition. Sadly there are few doctors out there that will do that.

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    Really glad to hear something is working for you.

    There is a more permanent version of what you are talking about, it is called Interstim. They implant it under your skin and run probes to the nerves that control the bladder.
    I have heard good and bad results fro this. It isn't for everyone and at your age, they may be holding off on that option because once it is implanted you can't have MRI's and such, and can't work around high magnetic fields.
    Because I do work around real high magnetic fields, I wasn't a candidate for this procedure.

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    Most excellent! Well done you! :-)

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    Thanks to everyone whom commented, congratulating me on my recent improvements with my IC. Unfortunatly Me being involved in a brutal car crash has undone all improvements and my IC has begun to get worse now that I am currently imobile (Stuck in a Wheelchair for a good while). I dont guess I'm meant to ever come out of diapers. Haha. Oh Well, everything happens for a reason right?

    Goodbye for now,

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    Pikachu, I'm very sorry to hear about your car crash. How badly are you hurt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inconinmiss View Post
    Pikachu, I'm very sorry to hear about your car crash. How badly are you hurt?
    Pretty Much my entire right side is broken. My Arm, Leg, Knee, shoulder, and collarbone. Plus I have some cracked ribs.
    I was air lifted to a hospital where I stayed for about 5 days. I mostly lay on my bed now watching cartoons like LooneyToons, The Flinstones, Jetsons, Pokemon, etc. I have already started losing muscle mass, and I am finding it harder to move around period. I feel.......... Weak and Helpless. My IC is getting worse, I am losing my Bowel Control now. Lucky I have such caring family, who have never had any issue with changing me (I certinatly cant do it myself now). The ER doctor said its unlikely I'll ever regain control ever again. At Least over my Bladder. She said It will take a long time to regain bowel control if I lost it (I deffinitly am). So oh well, I beleive everything happens for a reason. I just gotta live happy and enjoy myself. Messy Diapers or Not. I guess I'm going back to my looney toons for a while. Lol

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