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Thread: Found a stray cat.

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    Default Found a stray cat.

    My sister and I were on our way to the store earlier, when we saw this squirrel crossing the road. when we turned the corner and got closer, it turned out that it's a frickin baby kitten! so we stopped and got out an old blanket to catch it with. it was so terrified the whole way home that it didn't move from inside the blanket.

    when we got home, we got an old towel and dog cage out, plus some kitty litter, food and a toy for her.

    we're not sure whether she belongs to somebody, but she's definitely VERY young, and very docile. my sister is thinking somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks old; kris (that's what we're gonna call her for now) doesn't even eat cat food (she only drank out of a bottle) and she doesn't know what cat litter is... except that it doesn't taste good.

    but anyway, if we can't find an original owner, then we're going to give her away to a good home that we found.

    in the meantime, KITTYKITTYKITTYKITTY

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    Make sure she gets plenty of human contact. Cats that get contact with humans at a very early age tend to make better pets.

    Also, get her spayed, or make sure the person you give her to does.

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    we're going to get her looked at by the vet first thing tomorrow.

    and don't worry, there shall be no shortage of human cuddles for her

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    Three years ago a very young cat showed up on our air conditioner on Thanksgiving Day. When my wife and daughter wanted to keep her I said no.
    Secret is now my constant companion. In fact she is sleeping on my computer table right next to me now.
    When I had my foot operated on and was bedridden she never left my side.
    She sleeps with us greets people at the door and is in general very loving.
    I have had two dogs and now a cat all of them dumped on our road. They have all been good pets.

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    this remids me once when i went on holiadey to Morocco with my family there were so many cats it was like swarms one the citys we went to there were are huddled in a cornner outside a restrunet was kind of cool. but there plenty of stray animals in this world and do they may look cute checking they out would not be a waste of time but anyway super cool topic i hope that kitty finds a good home

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    Post a picture on Reddit (r/aww), they love that sort of thing but you need to mention that he was a stray to make it extra cute.

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    I LOVE CATS! Especially cute fuzzy little ones.

    Just remember: Pics or it didn't happen! Jk.

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    I adopted two cats off the street a while back for a couple years then gave them away to good homes...:3

    I'm all about cats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatovmike View Post
    I adopted two cats off the street a while back for a couple years then gave them away to good homes...:3
    Oh, why did you give them away? I can't imagine a life without my cats. impossible to give them away.

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    I'm a big cat person myself, more so then any other animal, & am glad to hear the cat got off the street.

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