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Thread: What the AB/DL's don't realize

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    Default What the AB/DL's don't realize

    Well i was searching a forum and i saw this posted up... what are guys opinions about this?

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    It would totally suck to be incontinent. It would ruin your life or at least take a major getting u

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    i know some incontinent people all of them dont really like it onl one will ocasinoall enjoy it but most people wish they never had it the grass is always greener on the other side i suppose :\

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    Need to make a post on there and ask them what they think of us, the ones that realize incontinence is do not want.

    The fact that you can feel the urge, and then just let go, isn't that one of the best parts? Why would you want incontinence?

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    It's just one person's opinion really... valid as it may be. I will agree that the whole bowel incontinence thing might ruin some of the fun aspects of diapers for me... but honestly you'd probably get used to it after a while.

    There is a difference between someone who is IC and not AB/DL and someone who is AB/DL and wanting to be IC.

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    I can understand the appeal of trying incontinence, but I don't think I would ever do it. The cost alone would be high. Then add into that the embarrassment of being caught, the complete alienation from my unaccepting parents, and the sheer inconvenience of it. It is something I would be willing to experience, but permanently I think would bring too many problems and cause more harm than good.

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    As always, we have to thank the pervert ABDLs who go posting around creepy stories and requests (also in unappropriate fora, like in the reported case) and give a bad name to everyone who enjoys wearing diapers although not for a medical need.

    There's for sure an enormous difference between doing something for choice, and doing the same thing out of necessity and with no other possible choice. How'd you feel if something as conditioning as incontinence was forced on you? And if, what's more, you found someone with a fetish in your disability that tried to fool you to get you involved in his fantasies? The position of all those angry IC people is perfectly understandable.

    Sometimes I wish every DL was given the possibility to choose to become IC by taking incontinence away from someone else who didn't ask for it. I realize this is an irrealistic and probably stupid idea, but this is how I feel when I see someone who lives a life of psychological sufferings and anger because they have to wear something I like. And for how inconvenient it can become, a DL could - imho - cope with it more easily than someone who wasn't given a choice. Probably a choice someone would regret after having done it - but at least they had the possibility to choose.

    With that said, it's clear that not every AB/DL is a freaking pervert, this community is a bright example of that, but I also think this is - at least for now - a minority. Some time ago, chatting with another DL, we were discussing the reason why in the majority of the fora dedicated to DLs the conversation showed a substantial lack of level-headedness, and his answer - which made me quite sad - was that simply he didn't expect to find level-headedness in places dedicated to a fetish.

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    Sometimes I wish I was incontinent, but I think it's just a spur of the moment then when I'm in the mood...What I would prefer is just a temporary thing that I could control anytime...But I'm sure there are some people who would like to be incontinent and actually mean it...So it may be a pain for some people, but others might actually like it

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    Reasons like this are why I advocate that AB/DLs stay off of incontinence boards. A lot of IC people have been traumatized by perverts in the past... and there is a lot of prejudice out there. As much as I would find it interesting to get more viewpoints from someone who needs diapers but doesn't love them I stay away from it b/c of the negative stigma associated with being AB/DL.

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