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Thread: odd moments in the bus/subway

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    Default odd moments in the bus/subway

    it happend again today x.x i was just going to school listening to my music and i started daydreaming.
    and when i came out of it the metro just started going to the next stop x.x
    second time something like this happend D:
    the first time it happend was in the bus and it was one of these busses that only stops until it reaches a certain stop and to get back i had to take another bus who went all the way through town stopping at every stop x.x

    has anything like this happend to others to? like daydreaming when ur going somewhere or falling asleep?

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    When I was younger I had a few instances of nearly blacking out on my bike riding around my block. But when riding public transit I alwasy pay attention to where the bus/train is since I personally don't want to miss my stop and buy another ticket for the other way.

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    Personally I've never fallen asleep on the bus, far too many interesting things I'd miss if I were to be napping. However I've seen many a dozing academic (probably up all night cramming for a test) awaken by a bump in the road and realize their stop was long past. lol

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    I've done that once, coming home from the waterpark. Missed my stop and woke up just as the doors were closing. Ended up walking home from the next stop, no big deal.

    However, when I'm on the train I sometimes drift off for a second or so even though I try to avoid it. Since I usually take long-distance trains I wouldn't want to wake up in Switzerland the next morning and be like "damn, now I gotta cross my entire country again to get to work".


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    We don't have any subways here in Colorado, closest thing we have here is a little RTD lightrail and the only 2 stops I ever use on it are the first and last.

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    I would pass out on many school bus trips home, some times repeatedly waking for a few seconds and dozing right off again. Luckily mine was one of the last stops on the route so if I fell asleep the bus driver would wake me up before moving on.

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