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Thread: I Need Some Help for Tomorrow

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    Default I Need Some Help for Tomorrow

    Ok, so tomorrow every one is out of the house except me (work,ect.). I just got my drivers license last week and this will be the first time ill be able to drive to a store to buy. The stores that are in my range are walgreens and cvs. What are the best products that they offer. I know the'll be far from the best but I'd just like to get their best product. Any suggestions will be awesome! Thanks.

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    I got some goodnites from cvs, 12 for 13 bucks, can't go wrong there. Best of luck to you

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    thanks for the help, but what id really like is more around the lines of adult products

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    go for their storebrand briefs, they won't disappoint you like goodnites undoubtedly will. But make sure they say disposable briefs, otherwise they won't be tape-on or you're literally just picking up underwear.

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    I personally love the CVS/Walgreens store brand for cheap and easily accessible diapers. They pale in comparison to some of the online brands but IMO they beat depends pretty badly while costing less.

    Velcro tabs are also nice if you haven't dealt with tapes before because you will invariably mess up on 3-4 tape diapers before you get the hang of it. (too tight, too loose, getting stuff on them, bad fit so it leaks, uneven)

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    Agreed the store brands, "Day & Night " at CVS or "Fitted Briefs" from Walgreens also the same as Walmart's "Assurance" are a good choice for an inexpensive adult taped diaper.

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    the cvs briefs are my usual choice for wearing and I agree with whats been said. For the money, they are terrific.

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    CVS and Walgreen's tape-on briefs are identical. They are the best you can buy in a regular store. The padding goes all the way up the front and back and they will stand up to being pooped in. And when full they leak around the waist band and legbands (which I like).

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    If they have any Depends or Attends those would be ideal, they are a little better than the store brand diapers. I also suggest getting a paci while you are out, they actually do as advertised and calm you down!

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    I find that the CVS Day & Night Fitted Briefs are good for the cost

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