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Thread: Baby Food Diet

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    Default Baby Food Diet

    So as a weight loss technique my friend suggested a diet consisting of only baby food. I understand that this isnt a healthy way to loose weight, but I want to try it regardless. I was just wondering if anyone else had fooled around with this? I researched it a bit and I realized its commonly done by celeberties and there are different "levels" to it.

    Baby food it also a good way to ensure that you arnt consuming high fructose corn syrups and other chemicals that are unnatural. I think if something is unsafe for a baby it should be unsafe for an adult.

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    Alcohol is very unsafe for babies. Not that much for adults.
    All depends on the quantities you ingest..

    We all need fat, sugar and protein, but in a reasonable way.

    About the baby food, I wish you "good luck", I have a lot of difficulties to bear the taste of baby food :s (even if baby jars are cute, I just can't ><)

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    Babies exist on a diet that is specifically /fattening/ as in a few years they gain their own body weight several times over. If you're including formula and the whole baby diet, You're more likely to gain weight than lose it.

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    I have experimented with something to this effect but not to loose weight but just to be more babyish really. I had a mix of formula, those jars you buy and then soft foods like banana's and yogurt as well as things like meals blended with maybe some mash potato and things. I basically emulated what my niece and nephews ate and what over the years my mum had told me about what I have eaten as a child. Obviously larger amounts, I also took vitamin tablets I don't think i strictly had to as i did did have cut up banana often and blended other foods which often had veg in (carrots, peas, etc...).

    The taste wasn't great starting but if you stick to it you will eventually get use to it, i even grew to like it. I struggled somewhat to get back to solids not because my body couldn't but it just was strange. I also did a was no alcohol stuck with milk usually sometimes juice in a sippy cup. If you are going to do this I suggest eating regular.

    What has been said above seems correct though, I wouldn't do this for weight loss, I didn't really loose any granted i did blend food and things but I think there is much better options like very low carb diets (check out GRC*|*'s Explorations into Healthy Longevity** & his podcasts TWiT Live Specials 124 | TWiT.TV & TWiT Live Specials 125 | TWiT.TV). You also have the GI diet which is meant to be good but i'm no expert in these.

    Good luck anyway
    Baby Jessica.

    P.S: If the podcast's don't seem to be working scroll down and you can download the audio or the video.
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    intersting. its funny because i didnt think the little bottles would have nutrition labels and they did, i only chose fat free ones. The idea is strict calorie restriction and a lot of knowledge and control over exactly what is being consumed (none of the bottles have more than five ingredients, compare that to the amount of ingredients in most snack foods consumed regularly).

    i tried the fruit ones, i actually kind of like them

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    If your aim is to enjoy a little regression by eating babyfood then by all means have fun, I'm there with ya brother. However, if you wish to lose weight I recommend diet and exercise. Join a gym, most of them offer free nutrition advice as well as guide you through a fitness program. If a gym membership is beyond your financial means then you can't go wrong with a basic workout/nutrition books from your local library. You can get alot out of some basic isometric exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, or squat lifts. The key is you have to do it more than once, regular exercise is a life long endevor. We all know what good food is, and most of the time you have to make it yourself, and I'm not talking about opening a box and heating the contents. That said, I realize we live in a modern world so I try to just be conscious of what I am puting in my pie whole.

    Sorry for the diatribe I hope I haven't dashed your ideas about a babyfood diet. I just want you to succeed at weight loss. I feel strongly about fitness so that's my 2 cents.

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    I wouldn't drink the formula, most baby formulas are high in iron, and that could make you VERY sick. I come from a family with a history of high iron, so I can see first hand what it can do. I avoid formula as much as I can. I like some babyfoods though and have never had problems with them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronbeast View Post
    I wouldn't drink the formula, most baby formulas are high in iron, and that could make you VERY sick. I come from a family with a history of high iron, so I can see first hand what it can do. I avoid formula as much as I can. I like some babyfoods though and have never had problems with them.

    huh, I might have to try formula then, I'm severely anemic and have a hard time absorbing iron so I have to ingest a TON of iron to maintain a still-lower-than-normal blood iron level, my dad has the same problem. If I like the taste that may be a way of getting iron that's easier on my tummy than iron pills

    As for the thread; dieting is a terrible way to lose weight and can actually really really harm your body so you shouldn't do it, even just for kicks. Baby food itself might not be bad for you, especially because, as you said, there are very few ingredients but if you want control over that bounce on over to your nearest organic/natural supermarket, you'll find some pre-made snacks (like crackers etc) that have fewer than 5 ingredients and no chemicals. You can also start making more of your own home-made food. If you shop sales you can actually spend not that much! AND you know exactly what's going in it!! Plus if you do it that way you can do things in large batches and then freeze them. I make roasts and soup all the time and just freeze them and reheat when I don't want to/don't have time to home cook a meal

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    so i shouldnt try this diet ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by samcub View Post
    so i shouldnt try this diet ???
    I wouldn't recommend it. I haven't read up on it, but I wouldn't trust it until somebody gave me legitimate proof in the form of a case study from a reputable source, and the data showed that there was no harm caused to the subjects by sticking to this diet. If somebody could offer those to me, I'd be willing to try it.


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