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Thread: Video games and diapers

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    Cool Video games and diapers

    If you have great experiences with video games while wearing diapers please post your experiences here.

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    What "great" experiences could there be with diapers and videogames?

    "Oh, I wore a diaper, used it while playing tekken" or something.

    ..... >_>

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    I don't really play video games much but I heard about a boss battle on the new Final Fantasy game (it's gotta be like FFXXX by now right?) that takes like 12 hours to beat or I guess diapers would come in handy there.

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    Video games + diapers = a great way to starve!

    I have a friend who got on to her older brother's WOW account and played it for 4 days straight. She became malnourished and was taken to the hospital. Now she doesn't play video games.... Her parents limited her to 1 hour of computer time a day. Then a blue screen pops up, and keeps her from using the computer, it doesn't go away for 12 hours....

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    BSOD Is indeed infamous... well yeah... i actually have a respnce to this. DOD: Source + Soda + Sniper = MOAR HEADSHOT! well yeah, thats really the best and kinda the only expierence i had with em. But yes i can agree to what others have said, its not really all the great expierences i can think of, mine to me was just funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VR Wolf View Post
    BSOD Is indeed infamous... well yeah... i actually have a respnce to this. DOD: Source + Soda + Sniper = MOAR HEADSHOT!
    Buy the Orange Box and get TF2..

    Also the only really fine time was when I had loads of attends and was playing star wars battle front on my PS2 all day. I also did the same with Jak 3.

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    I did the same thing... spent a week playing just video games... it was a dare and I got $100 from it... but my parents knew and brought food to me... and I ate it while playing... I didn't play video games for like 2 months because I had beaten all of the games I had...

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    somtimes i wear diapers while playing online games it combine 2 fun things...anddosent let people get kills on me while im away >_>

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    Don't play video games all that much, but I guess the only time diapers would come in handy, as mentioned, is if you're gonna be doing an all-nighter of gaming or something. Oh, and a mini-fridge - necessity when you're gonna be playing long term.

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