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    ok it works like this ,

    post one, con says: that if you run in the interstate...

    post 2: you are stupid

    con says: if you are a pyro

    and then it continues like that where you finish the first phrase and start the second, make it as funny as possible

    con says: when you piss off a hippo

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    Confucius says go to bed with itchy bum, wake up with smelly finger.

    I had to.

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    con says: drink 5 mountain dews

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    Conucius says: Bullets arn't effective unless....

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    You are supposed to give another Confucius says after you fill out the persons above you. Like

    #1 Confucius says blah blah

    poster #2 Confucius says blah blah blah blah

    Confucius says if you do blah then you...


    Confucius says, take care and love your plushies, for in return they will...

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