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Thread: "Nuclear Coverup" Michigan-Indiana area.

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    Exclamation "Nuclear Coverup" Michigan-Indiana area.

    Something a friend had posted up on FB, thought I'd see what you guys think. Is there a coverup (that's too broad...of course, it's the US govt here...), is there a nuclear coverup happening right now?

    Reddit Post: Nuclear Coverup

    What do you think?

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    In my opinion, if you look at the graph of the sensor data, it certainly appears to be what it is claimed to be (a false alarm). The radiation profile of a real nuclear event would look nothing at all like that; it would not rapidly spike and immediately drop to near zero multiple times as it appears to have done. Rather, it would rise and then decline smoothly over many days as the radioactive elements in the environment decayed.

    Radon, which some people have decided this was, has a half-life of nearly four days and is a pretty heavy gas, so it's not just going to go "poof" and vanish. Even if you attribute the final drop off to the monitoring station going offline, the rapid bouncing of the "radiation level" prior to that just doesn't look like real data. I'm going with equipment malfunction.

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    i'm sorry, was i standing too close up-wind of that sensor..... didn't see it there.

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    I live in Mid MI....I'll have to get my Geiger counter out just to be sure (or Radon gas detector).

    Until I see people dropping from Rad poisoning...I think this particular redditor is following a Radon gas leak somewhere than some catastrophic nuclear event.

    Also in my brain currently is the "lol reddit" thing going off played by some sort of internet echo room hysteria off some misinterpreted data (New Years Eve Bird die off anyone?). There are 3 Nuclear plants in MI non of which on the border by major cities, but if such an event went off, you'd be pretty damn sure it would be quite the evacuation event and nothing would be quiet at all unless the Gov's paying off hundreds of people.

    I don't buy this. If my hair starts falling out and blood from my eyes, I'll promptly let everyone know.

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    Counts per minute type detectors are and have been obsolete since the early 1950s for anything but prospecting.

    They were never scientificly accurate, Rates of CPM very widely by manufacture.

    radiation is measured scientificly in Roentgen: Rem(Roentgen Equivalent Man) or Standard International (SI) units of sievert (Sv) or gray (Gy)
    Steve Quayle's Radiation Measurement Conversion Tables

    I have been through advanced navy school for NBC at the Naval fleet Training Center San Diego.
    and through WMD school for firefighters
    plus was a avid prospector in the early 1970s

    i found a picnic table one time at a old camp ground that read around 3000 CPM
    the radiation was from old coleman lantern mantles that contain thorium.
    The Straight Dope: Are camp lanterns radioactive?.

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    I got somewhat curious about this guy's ultimate postulations. Basically it's gone from nuclear disaster around the Michigan-Indiana border to Earth's magnetic poles shifting and deadly solar flares happening now that will eventually doom us all since the magnetic poles will weaken to such a degree or disappear completely. Because it's a world wide dooms day event, the government is covering it all up as not to incite panic. In other words...2012 is upon us.

    By "getting interesting" he means "The end is near." His reaction to getting yanked from r/askscience is the Men in Black did so. Yeah I'm not following this story anymore.

    It's a classic conspiracy theory fueled by the internet echo chamber, and Reddit's upvoting it to the front page.

    This video basically sums up this particular Reddit post.

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