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    Hi can u tell me some links for samples so i can get a sample for free of the brands
    easy ups
    or other brands and which brands come in a plain unmarked box and how long do they take to ship and can you leave a link to get to them so pretty much any diaper brand that has samples-leave a link

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    Use a search engine and type in each of the brands ... some of them will have a link so that you can request a free sample ... please note that you may have to register and use a password to get to some of the pages ... I've gotten GoodNites, UnderJams, EasyUps, and Depend samples in the past ... good luck ... hope this helps
    Links for some of the sites (all of these require registration and a password to get to the sample sites if available):
    Bedwetting Underwear - Nocturnal Enuresis in Children | GoodNites®
    Diapers, Baby Care, and Parenting Information at (for the EasyUps and UnderJams)
    Incontinence Products - Protection with Depend | Depend®
    Attends are not as readily available as in the past so you will have a harder time getting those ... I never got any free samples from them so I had to go to online distributors and pay a fee plus shipping to get samples ...

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