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Thread: Wetting your pants while skiing

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    Default Wetting your pants while skiing

    Hi I was skiing and i was on a really steep hill and i had to go to the bathroom/pee (i had no diaper on) and when i was skiing i wet my pants a little bit but i couldof held the urin but it just came out and it only happens when im skiing.
    Is it caused by the constant motion of my lower body that makes me wet myself a bit?

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    It all depends on how much you had to drink before you went on the slopes ... I imagine the tight clothing also may have something to do with it ... whenever I wear tight clothing I have to put some kind of protection on before otherwise the pants will get wet ...

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    A quick Google search tells me that this isn't necessarily a common occurrence for people past adolescence. I doubt that it is something in relation to the motion of your lower body; if that were the case, walking and running would have the same effect on your bladder! :O It's probably a mix of the cold (your muscles relaxing/feeling numb) and your mindset.

    No biggie regardless. Just make sure that this doesn't get in the way of your skiing!

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