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    I am transgender (M2F) and as that I have been through psych evaluations, so far been through 5 years of counseling and although they think I'm doing fine (which I am) I have not to any of them for the entire time I've revived counseling mentioned I am a AB. Why you might ask besides worrying about judgement is really, if they think is it grounds to stop or delay my HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or SRS (sexual reassignment surgery).

    I am wondering how many others have has a councillor for something and told them about this part of you, how have they reacted? or maybe you are like me and so far have hidden it from them... I always wonder if I made the right decision, in some ways I also worry they might try and "cure" me, if that would be the case I certainly don't want them to know as I don't want "curing".

    Baby Jessica.

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    a baby's got to do what a baby's got to do... Jessica;

    welcome from from one of your sisters. you don't need to tell nosy Doctor's anything they don't need to know such as the color of your short's/panties/diaper's..... (big smile). your Doctor/counselor is there to help and advise you, not dictate to you. tell or don't tell. your choice.

    your life is your own, choose well.....

    lodge wrecker....

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    There is an old saying that I heard recently: "Two people in this world you should never lie to or withhold information: your doctor, and your lawyer." Doctors include counsilors in my opinion. But I can see your side, in that you do not want to interfere with your procedure. But please trust that as long as you can tell your counsilor what is a paraphalic infantilist (Understanding Infantilism), they can research quickly and conclude there is nothing that warrents interfering with your surgery. The only worry you should have is if they find out about it from a source other than yourself (e. g. a naive loved one discovers your diapers(nappies)/etc. and calls your counsilor).

    I see a counsilor because my wife miscarried what was supposed to be our first child. I told him about my fettish and infantilism. He came to the conclusion that as long as it doesn't threated to harm oneself or others, it is okay, and ABDL does not inherently do either of that.

    I hope I'm not a little presumptuous discussing religion, but I just wanted to assure you that you will be in my prayers. You are in a global community of friends.

    Take care my friend,

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    Well said...
    The thing is you're going to them for the transition, so AB stuff is irrelevant. Besides, being in a diaper is better therapy than paying someone to talk with!
    But there is the question of how long you should wait after the surgery to start wearing diapers again..

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    Hey again,

    Sorry about my spelling by the way. I know hiding things from my doctor is most likely not such a great idea but as most of you pointed out :P I can't see it being relevant and since there is a risk they could delay or even stop my transition I am keeping it from them. I do worry about them finding out somehow and because I've been hiding it take action. I try and avoid for example the only place I don't wear diapers, is going to the doctors and such where I believe there is a chance of them seeing it. Still concerned about it though.

    Baby Jessica

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    There's no cure for AB/DL plus most people in mental health positions realize it's not a problem as long as it's not taken out of hand. Plus again there is no cure/treatment for it.

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    To delay or stop your HRT and SRS they'd have to have reasonable belief that it would interfere with your daily life and prevent a successful transition.

    That being said, while you don't have to tell them please be honest with them if they find out and ask about it or they could stop your transitioning.

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    I've been through counselling for several years (I'm MtF too!), and never brought it up. Being a TB was something I struggled with at one time, but I got it under control and now it doesn't really affect my life any more. Unless it's something causing you problems and you feel you have something to gain by bringing it up, I really wouldn't. In a perfect world it wouldn't affect your evaluation, but gatekeeping does still exist to some extent (I'm not sure how bad in the UK - I'm in the USA). I guess I can understand wanting to be thorough, but it seems like bringing it up (in therapy) means that it's something you'd want to discuss. If you do - then great, use therapy as a way to come to terms with it better. Otherwise, I don't really see how you'd stand to gain much by talking about it.

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    I don't think you need to mention it unless it's something that's bothering you somehow - like if you feel guilty over it, or if it's interfering with your life, or you feel constantly depressed that you can't be AB in public, or anything like that. It's not hiding, it's just avoiding wasting time on something not relevant to your therapy, in my opinion.

    I'm MtF too, and I haven't mentioned DL to my therapist - I think he'd be fine with it, so I'm not worried about that, but I just don't think it's important for my therapy. (At this point, anyway. Maybe it'll come up in the future.)

    If you get asked about it directly, somehow, then maybe you should be honest though, I don't know.

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