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  • Being a furry influanced me to become an ABDL

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  • I was a furry first. Becoming an ABDL was unrelated.

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  • I was an ABDL first. Becoming a furry was unrelated.

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  • I am not a furry.

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Thread: Did being an AB/DL get you into Furry, Or Vice versa?

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    Default Did being an AB/DL get you into Furry, Or Vice versa?

    I have been an a/t B DL for as long as i can remember. Have memory of it at the age of 4 or 5.

    However, i also found the fandom completely separate of AB/DL in a time period when i was trying to push ABDL out of my life. I found babyfurism about a year after that.

    I'm curious to know how many of you were first furries, found babyfur and became ABs or DLs, and how many of you Were first AB/DLs and found furry through a website like this one. For how many of you (like myself) was it completely unrelated at first?

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    For me, I was always a lurker in the Furry department of things. Always liked the art, the culture, the community, the fursuits!

    But it wasn't until I joined this site because of being a DL that I really latched on to the whole Furry aspect.

    Now it's a pretty big part of me and I couldn't imagine life without it

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    I was a furry first. I saw baby furs but never really paid it much mind until like 8 ish? ( I actually really don't remember when it was) months ago when I had to wear diapers during a particularly bad bladder infection that made it so I was minority incontinent for a while and I realized that I liked wearing the diapers, that I liked feeling like a baby again (I had experimented with diapers and old baby toys when I was younger but I had just put that off to natural curiosity and non-indicative of anything larger) and that lead me to the internet where I discovered abdlism and luckily found this site in fairly short order!!! I then identified as an AB and a furry separately, but now I blend the two occasionally to be a baby fur. But I'm still primarily a AB and an adult non-DL furry

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    After becoming a fur I met people who were AB and the like and it went from there, I doubt I would have met them if I wasnt a fur so I guess it kind of did.

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    Well, I've been a furry and DL for as long as I can remember, but I called myself a furry first, then a DL/DF.

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    I guess DL turned furry with some hints of babyfur but I wouldn't go as far to say I'm a babyfur.

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    Damn you ADISC... You turned me furry!

    In all seriousness, I was DL first, then i started browsing the babyfur forums more and more. Now I'm a furry. Thanks Career Point!

    That's more of a local joke.


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    I suppose furry first but I didn't realise it until I came here, I always loved the thought of being an anthropomorphic animal ever since I was young but had no idea I wasn't alone until I came across the idea of babyfur many years ago now so it was coll to realise that I wasn't alone but also that I could combine being an AB/DL with being a furry.

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    I have been an AB/DL for about 10 years and a furry for only about a year now. I had always been fairly neutral about the fandom, but after meeting a few other ABDLs that were furries (one of whom became my awesome boyfriend!) and being introduced to FurAffinity through this site, I decided that the fandom was for me. Therefore, I'd say that being an ABDL influenced me to become a furry, but didn't cause it.

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    I was aware of it pre-introduction to furry, but my first direct experience came about when a friend within the fandom (who I knew was ABDL) asked if I wanted to try one and I took him up on his offer.

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