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Thread: Does Diaper Rash make you feel little?

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    Default Does Diaper Rash make you feel little?

    I don't get diaper rashes very often, probably because diapers do as they say these days protecting skin.
    I remember when I was little I'd have small #2 accidents in school and wouldn't tell anyone. But after wearing it for a long amount of time it gave me rashes. I got one recently and it really made me feel like the little boy I used to be who had way too many accidents 1 and 2 in school up until the 3rd grade. I used to be threatened to be put in diapers every time my mother brought my fresh clothes. A few times she asked if I wanted to be put in diapers (in anger of course) and each time I hesitated and thought about it before I said no. To this day I wish I had said yes lol.

    Does anyone out there like to get diaper rash just to help feel little?
    Does it make you feel little when you get a diaper rash?

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    It makes me feel like i'm unhygienic.

    which is what it's mainly caused by honestly.

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    Never got it, by all accounts it hurts like hell. I'm not in this for pain lol

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    I've not yet experienced the joy of a diaper rash, so it remains to be seen.

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    got it once, annoying as hell, didnt feel little, do you think babys like the feeling, nope, so not something i want :P

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    No. It would just hurt and make me cry.

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    No, it really sucks. I'm trying to get rid of a nasty case right now and I can say that it affects everything you do because you're constantly irritated in a very sensitive area, plus you have to resist the urge to scratch yourself in public lest people stare at you or think you're playing with yourself. My baby time is all about enjoying being in diapers and acting like a baby, and I haven't been able to wear at all recently as I'm trying to make it go away.

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