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    I just soaked my pants while using public toilet siting down must have a space
    between middle lid and toilet itself and in all places happend in middle of sydney itself luckily wearing black suit pants and was game shopping with my next doOr neighbor so basically told him had to get home as falling sick and left him there knowing my luck people around me on the train can smell me

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    Yup. Been there. Not much to be done except suck it up and move on.

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    it ha shappened to me.I wet the back of my jeans while sitting on toilet. Nobody said anything about it cause it was in the

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    Did it with my jammies but I was luckily in my bathroom at about 11pm. I just put a fresh pair on and went to bed.

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    How did the back of your pants get wet? Didn't you pull them down?

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    A lot of times you can think you are "just in time" but your bladder lets go just at the wrong moment - this has happened with me when wearing a diaper as well as when in ordinary underwear. You feel very silly and because you are at the start of the "stream" it is hard or impossible to shut the valve off before your pants are soaked - either all down the front on in the back like others have reported. It all happens so fast you don't have much chance to take preventative action. On occasions it can help just to drop your pants,sit on the toilet and not worry about your underwear too much - you can ditch that if needs be and the main thing is to be able to leave the rest room in pants with no obvious wetness showing.

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    yeah, its happened.. quite accidentally twice to me.. both in public venues.. personally, i cant stand those toilets with the split front for that reason

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