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Thread: What would help me to be able to experience wetting while I sleep?

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    Default What would help me to be able to experience wetting while I sleep?

    I've never wet the bed while sleeping and want to. But not sure how. And also when I wear diapers (tranquility all through the night ones) I find that I get really sweaty in them. Why is that? What would help with that? And is it bad if I am sweaty for a period of time? Could I get any kind of infection due to the moister?

    And yeah how can I wet while sleeping? I did just buy some water pills and going to try just one otc pill and see what happens (or might it not work due to keeping me up due to the caffeine in them?)

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    What you can do is to drink a couple of cups of water about 20-40 minutes before you go to bed. Then when you are in bed, just let relax yourself while you wet. To add in a little bonus, you can drink more water while you pee so that you can continue wetting. Remember that this is not accomplished within a single night. Hope that helps you out.

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    Always wanted to as well but bed wetting takes training and may be irreversible so be careful.

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    From the many threads I've read so far on it, it's very labor intensive and it's very rare it will come about unless your actually medically incontinent (and you don't want to be). Given that fact, the possibility of non reversibility, and the other bad implications that can come about training yourself to do so (adult life and responsibility waits for no one) I would not pursuit at all. NEVER under any circumstances use some type of drug to try and achieve this or mix drugs to do so. The only thing that will probably happen is you waking up sporadically (or not sleeping at all) having to pee really bad, and forcing it to happen, some sort of kidney damage. Don't use those for that end, I cannot stress it enough. I cannot help you there.

    I can however help you with your diaper question. You get really sweaty in them because they don't breathe very well unlike ordinary underwear and you also don't move much to circulate air. The heat doesn't leave your body readily so you sweat around your diaper area. It's like your feet sweating in water proof boots, they just don't breathe well and trap a lot of heat. Applying power around the areas that sweat will help keep you dryer as it absorbs sweat. Goldbond body powder would work or ordinary baby powder.

    For a night in a sweaty diaper won't hurt you typically. However, moisture and a constant rubbing from the diaper can cause a rash-especially if you have sensitive skin. Body or baby powder helps reduce chaffing and sweat so I would advise using such products on a daily basis if you happen to sweat bad. I would advise airing out in the morning a bit. Read the directions on the body powder if you chose to use that instead of baby powder, I'm not sure direct genital contact is healthy.

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    Geno has it right. You learned a long time ago that not wetting was preferable to wetting. Short of actual incontinence, whether permanent or temporary, that cannot be truly undone. I don't buy into those who suggest otherwise. As far as drugs, I would definitely advocate doing so with caution. If you must, you must, but bear in mind that with any drug, even OTC, there are risks, particularly when mixed with alcohol. Just as Heath Ledger.

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    If your intent on this you can try drinking a lot of water and putting your hand in a bowl of water when you sleep. Drinking a lot of beer and then water might work slightly better but idk your age and don't want to condone drinking on this site without knowing ages and standards. Hope this helps

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    I cannot condone trying to achieve sleep wetting with anything that may cause damage as such alcohol, drugs etc..., test have been done though that if you keep well hydrated and release as necessary as well as in the place you want your body to consider appropriate a.k.a the toilet or a diaper that the oxymoronical state controlled uncontrolled wetting can be achieved by training your mind to understand that a diaper is an appropriate place of release. I have sought after this for a long time(3+ years) and have been able to achieve some success in it in that I only wet in my sleep if wearing a diaper.

    The circumstances however in my case are due to medical issues which made me prone to wetting, and made wetting a better option than alternative for me with is getting up 3-5 time a night to relieve myself, or a myriad of pills and gels along with their side effects. Before going this path I went through a battery of screenings and test to rule out any possible underlying issues, what they found was nothing that insidious just a case of OAB, and bladder pain syndrome with the occasional leakage. This condition has been unresponsive too all but the most extreme doses of medications so wearing a diaper to bed seemed more reasonable for me than side effects. Several years of physical therapy brought my daytime issues under control without needing padding during as I get around 90 minutes in between bathroom runs during the day. The only thing they ever found that was helpful to me was that I am allergic to gluten on a severe level and to milk on a very, very, low level. Those findings led to a more comfortable existence for me by excluding all gluten containing products and greatly limiting all milk products.

    Anyway on to why you are here now that you have some background about why I choose to wet at night and why it was the right choice for me.

    To attempt to wet without any physical maladies takes a lot and can come with permanent problems such as unwanted wetting.

    With those warnings in hand the best I can tell you is

    1. Stay well hydrated and use the bathroom when you need to do not hold it for long if at all as this will cause damage to your body.

    2. In attempts to sleep wet drinking 2 large glasses(32oz or so) water an hour to ninety minutes before bed is recommended you will then most likely need to pee before bed, do so or you most likely will not be able or run into other physical problems. This is not to say that you should not drink water at bedtime if thirsty, by all means drink just don't force yourself to.

    3. If you wake up needing to relieve yourself doing so in the diaper will better your future chances of night wetting.

    4. wearing and wetting more often will help your mind and body come to accept the diaper as an acceptable place of relief.

    5. hypnosis while not terribly effective in making you do anything is one way to relax effectively really any guided meditation or personal meditative methods and be used in this goal relieve tension which causes numerous issues, if you decide wetting is not for you I still recommend some type of meditation or daily spiritual/mental calming activity as it is generally good for you.

    6. Never push yourself to the pint of pain, pain is usually the way of the body telling you something is severely wrong.

    7. Don’t get into this lightly meditate on it first a while to make sure it is right you.
    Be careful be yourself and listen and think before you act.
    All the best

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