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Thread: Apperently lurking is frowned upon so here's my introduction.

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    Default Apperently lurking is frowned upon so here's my introduction.

    Hello all!

    I think that there are far too many guys who actively spew out post after post of horrendously creepy crap and quite frankly I have no desire to be one of them. I really think we guys need to hold back with all our unwanted rubbish and give the girls a chance to express themselves. There are so many posts on various abdl forums from guys trying to get their girlfriends into this but I really think that they are their own worst enemy. The vast majority of the female profiles on Diaperspace, for example, all say "girls only" and for good reason. You guys are creepy as fuck and really pushy with your fetish. As a side note I would like to add that this is mostly directed at strait males as it seems to me that most of the creepers tend to be strait males.

    Ranting aside, I'm interested to see what other people think about this fetish and read about people's thoughts and experiences.

    I'm also a bit reluctant to post personal info but in the spirit of this website I will tell you all a bit about myself.

    I am a scientist. I'm 22. Male and I have a girlfriend who I love very much indeed. I love science and computers(posting this from Linux, fuck yeah!) and music. In my private life I am very kinky to the point of perversion :P When the mood strikes I am very submissive and quite a filthy slut who needs to be put in their place!

    Love and spankings,


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    I am a non creepy, non lurking, straight male. I too am sick and tired of people (male,female,trans) posting junk that starts debate and arguments . I sometimes read posts but do not reply because I don't have the time nor energy to waste on immature and ill mannered comments. If I did I would consider being a forum supervisor. I have a (real) partner who I love and who loves me. I don't have to write a bunch of creepy posts to get off or to impress other members. I am simply here to connect with people who share similar interests and who enjoy life. Nothing more!

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