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Thread: Cheap way to get nappies in the UK

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    Default Cheap way to get nappies in the UK

    Hey everyone, just thought id share a little something about how i got 27 nappies for under 10!!!

    Many of you may already know of this site Incontinence Products & Continence Products Next Day | but this is where i bought the nappies.

    They sell individual nappy samples at just 10p each, so you can rack up alot in the basket very cheaply, they also offer some sample packs which contain 5 or so nappies for 99p. They do obviously charge shipping, which at its lowest price is 5.99. For me i cant justify paying 20-30 quid on a pack of nappies, so i took this option, and before i knew it i had 27 nappies lined up to buy for just under 12 pounds, then as i proceed though the checkout i find an option that states if these products are for personal use i can have the VAT knocked off, so i check the box and the order drops below 10. Im well impressed by this point.

    As for the delivery i did choose the cheapest one, i placed the order wednesday night about 11pm and they arrived this morning about quarter to 10. They arrived in a giant box, which was wrapped incredibly neatly in a thick black binliner type material, so it was very discreet in terms of looks, not so much in size. Once opening, everything was there just loose in the box. I didnt need to worry about anyone else in the house seeing it as i am lucky enough to be living alone so my privacy truly is my own

    So if your looking to try many kinds of nappies on the cheap, or just want some anyway i would suggest this option.

    Images Here, and list below (You will only see 26 nappies as one has been used for the marshmellow trick - and i refuse to put an image of that on here lol)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG00308-20120608-1309.jpg 
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    Abena Abri-Form All in One
    - Medium Plus 2000ml x 2
    - Medium Super 2600ml
    - Medium X Plus 3600ml x 2

    Age UK Feel Dry All in One
    - Medium Super 2430ml x 2

    Attend Slip All in One
    - Medium 10 3299ml x 2
    - Medium 8 2099ml x 2

    Lille Healthcare Supreme Fit
    - Extra Plus Medium 2650ml
    - Maxi Medium 3370ml
    - Super Plus Medium 2980ml x 2

    Lille Healthcare Classic Fit
    - Extra up to 150cm 2500ml

    Molicare Soft
    - Extra All in One Medium 1240ml
    - Maxi All in One Medium 1440ml
    - Plus All in One Medium 1050ml
    - Super All in One MEdium 1700ml

    - Flex Maxi Medium 2100ml x 2
    - Flex Plus Medium 1400ml
    - Slip Maxi Medium 2100ml x 3
    - Slip Super Medium 1700ml
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    I did this a couple of weeks ago, from the same place. I didn't quite get 27 (I think I had 14) but it was still great value. But you can only do it once - they only let you have one sample of each.

    The cheapest option I've found for regular purchase is my local disability shop, although choice is limited. Incontinence Choice would work out cheaper if I was buying in bulk (case at a time) but I don't have enough room to store them.

    Even so I highly reccommend this company. I ordered my stuff at about 5pm and it was delivered before 10am the next day, in discreet packaging.

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    I use ebay I got 5 Packs Molicare Super Premium Extra Soft (28s) for 5.99 per pack and I had collect them but that didn't bother me as it was cheaper than postage but if you drive you can buy large amount for cheap did the same with my previous 6 packs of Attends which were 6 each so as you can see nice and cheaper!

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    I buy a case saver of three packs of 24 Tena slip maxi from Amazon for 40 and free next day delivery, quite good value I would say as it works out at about 55p a nappy.

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