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Thread: What would you do if you found out someone in your house was ABDL like this?

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    Default What would you do if you found out someone in your house was ABDL like this?

    I think it'd be a pretty funny surprise. =D

    Edit: The first one said "from this IP address". I suppose this is funny too though. =D

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    I would ask them about it and be very excited they are one of me.

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    Considering it'd have to be one of my cats I think I'd be impressed by their ability to read and vote on an Internet poll :P

    Oh, and the different message depends on whether or not a specific cookie has been set by the site hosting the poll

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    before you start recreating the spainish inqusition and expose yourself too much I have had this happen on my PC several times without actually voting in a poll and i live alone and no-one else has even used my pc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    Am I missing something? All I see is just greyed out adds.
    It's a poll ABUniverse is having. Your only allowed to vote once from your computer. He's suggesting what if you went to vote and found out someone else had already voted from your computer.

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    you know whats funny?
    i turned my boyfriend into an AB/DL...
    he has hung around me too long!

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    I'd have to blame it on AB/DL ghosts. Nobody else uses this computer.

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    Well, my initial reaction would be, "Crap, did I leave that open before I left??"

    But that'd just be silly. I'd never vote for Babyfur over Sissy diapers :P

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    If its done by IP address, its completely plausible that someone who also uses the same ISP as you is an AB/DL, rather than someone from your house. However, it would certainly be an interesting experience if someone was one o.O

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