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Thread: Car broken into :( ........oh yeah and Hi.

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    Default Car broken into :( ........oh yeah and Hi.

    I know it's been awhile since I posted anything. I've been very busy, trying to buy a house so the last few months have been hell with trying to balance that between work. Speaking of hell ...

    I pretty much walked up to my car this afternoon which is parked in a gated parking lot of my complex to see my 6fter audio in jack for my mp3 player poking out the bottom of my cars door lying on the ground. WTF. Randy Savage got his slim jim on my door it seems. My stereo is gone, faceplate gone from glovebox, gps unit gone from glovebox. Two books of cd's gone, which included tons of oldskool hiphop, punk, primus, and tons of demo cd's collected through the years at underground drumNbass parties. Lame lame lame. I'm such a audiophile so this really hit me hard. I don't have the greatest car (2000 Toyota Corolla) but it was mine none the less. Not some hand out from mommy and daddy.

    I feel like something I worked hard for has been completely violated. I'm a damn near stranger in my own car. Just fucking gutted. I would type more over how gutted I am but it's not going to change anything. I think besides the obvious it hurts because the things that were stolen were all gifts from people who are the closest to me in my life. You see electronics, I see sentimental value that can't be described. That gps was gifted when I first got my license. My stereo is insane standards and now it's gone. I've never drove my car without music and now I'm rollin tuneless. Some people suck is all I can say directly to whoever did this. Out of all the cars you could of picked it had to be fucking mine. The damn near beater of the bunch but my beater none the less. Awesome upcoming bday gift. ;/

    Flipping the coin over is a keeper! Started the process, hoping to secure finally.

    Gonna make like a female and go cry into some Ben & Jerry's Key Lime icecream. I did spoil my husky soon as I got back home (peanut butter kong) because I felt like I needed to do something good for someone, human or not to say to the world "fuck you, I'm beaten but not down for the count".

    Can you blame me?

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    I'm sorry your car got broken into, thankfully all the stuff can be replaced as far as I know. Though, I never got why they want stereos so damn badly. and GPS are pretty cheap now.

    Also your dog is VERY cute. How does he survive Californian summers though? I though I'd like to own a husky or other large breed mostly ones which medium if not thick coats, but jesus even I practically die in the summers.

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    Sucks about your house, thats never fun.

    Do you have to exercise or run your Husky alot? Im curious- like Fire2box I would love to have a Husky some day.

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    What rotten luck! I've read several times over the last few years how far down stereo thefts are from cars as it's apparently just not worth the effort anymore. Too bad you got someone who was behind the times and really determined. Lost music besides. Bad, bad, bad!

    On the other hand, looks like a great little house!

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    Sorry for your theft. Maybe they wanted the stereo for their own personal use?

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    That stinks. Mine got broken into once. Went to leave for work at 5am, and was surprised by my car being a huge mess. I'm very OCD about a clean car, and it really angered me. GPS, ipod, various things, gone. And it feels gross to now a stranger was in your car...

    Anyways, cute Husky! I've got one too, I'll share a picture

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry to hear about this, statik. Serious bummer.

    The house looks really cute though. And so does your dog!

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    OUCH on the theft- that happened to my best friend last year- someone stole his catalyc converter and one of my friends had their car broken into at my old apartment complex some years back in which someone got the stereo, CDs and audio cassete tapes. Theivery doth run rampant I guess.

    But kudos on the house! That house looks nice, very nice! And also- nice looking dog- reminds me of a friend of mine's husky.


    Look forward to the better days and try not to let this set you back my friend!

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    Wow, you seem to have the worst luck. It sucks having a car get broken into, though, and let this be a lesson to you about leaving valuables in your automobile! My car got broken into about seven years ago when I lived at my old apartment. I had parked it on a Saturday night, then Monday morning when I went to go to work, I found the driver's door window smashed in. Happily, I had the faceplate for my stereo in my apartment. They had gone through the glovebox and the console looking for stuff, but there was nothing more valuable than a pair of gas station sunglasses in the car.

    The shitty part about the whole affair, aside from how violated having your stuff broken into makes you feel, was that the break-in happened in the middle of January in Michigan. I had to drive to work with it being 0 F/-17 C and snow and ice outside with my driver's window smashed out. (funnily enough, they actually used a big block of ice to smash in the window).

    Sorry it happened to you, and hopefully you can get it all sorted without too much out-of-pocket cost.

    - - - Updated - - -

    ^^ Also, good luck on the house! Would this be your first house that you've bought? Either way, it's quite a rush, and I hope it works out for you.

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    Nice lookin' shack. Hope it works out. I bet the dog will be ecstatic about having a yard.

    The car thing sux. I never understood the logic of stealing car electronics. Even if its a nice one, how much can you get for something obviously ripped out of someone else's vehicle? (versus the downside if you get caught.....) I guess thieves aren't generally the sharpest tools in the shed.

    Worst part is, it'll probably cost YOU 10x what they get for the stuff to replace it and fix the collateral damage. Hope you had the music backed up on a hard drive somewhere. With my eclectic tastes, and old albums going back to the 60's, it would be impossible to to replace much of mine if someone stole it.

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