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Thread: Who/What would you die for?

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    Default Who/What would you die for?

    Yup, yup...Another thread by me n_n...I'll have to think about this before I post my answer

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    Butterfly Mage


    Well... I know what I WOULDN'T do for:

    -- I won't die for Halliburton
    -- I won't die for any politician
    -- I won't die in a holy war
    -- I won't die to save a millionaire, rock star, football player, or movie star

    I would die if:
    -- It saved the life of someone I truly love
    -- It saved the lives of a whole lot of people at once (and those people were worth saving)
    -- The choice was living (and being force-converted to Islam) and dying (but remaining true to the Goddess and God), I'd choose death.

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    I think there is only one person in the world I would die for- one of my best friends, who means everything to me. A few years ago he had a disease that came extremely close to killing him, and I prayed to God that I would take upon the disease instead of him.

    He survived, and I'm still alive, so that worked well for the both of us. But I think he's the only one I'd do that for. If someone held a gun to my head and said "Renounce your God or die" I am not sure what I'd do.

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    I know I would die for my family in a heart beat. They are my world, the ones I love the most. If any one hurt them, woe to them. This is what happens in wars, when wars become ugly. Fathers and mothers watch their sons and daughters die. Then fathers and mothers kill as in the Middle East. My wife and children are over my protection, as much as I humanly can give. The hardest thing for a parent is to let go, and let your kids be individuals, but if you love them, you do. But still, I would die for them. Now go see the 7th Sign, the movie, as that question is asked all throughout the movie. Quite interesting!

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    I would die for my:

    -boyfriend Toni a.k.a Jastyboi
    -best friend-Larry Ross a.k.a. Blind Lawerence

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    I would die for anyone who had more to offer than I. Someone smarter, younger, more ambitious. If it was a choice between them and I, and I knew they had more to offer, I'd let them live, and I would die.

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    No one, sorry but people may say that they would die for these people, but I find it hard to defies human nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I know I would die for my family in a heart beat. They are my world, the ones I love the most.
    Absolutely! I would also die for the very close friends we have that are like family to us. To save a little child or children from being in danger of being killed I'd likewise risk my life.


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