I live in Australia and have a partner and kids, they know I love hanging out in sissy clothes. I like wearing my school uniform, it is from a Melbourne girls' school and looks just devine. For some years I joined a cross dressing group but could never really bring myself to act my age.
Both my cross dressing and nappy wearing fetishes started very young (around aged 5), and I think it was nappies that first attracted me. But I suppressed the nappy attraction for some time, however as I was able to dress more and more, my fantasies revolved more and more around nappies and plastic pants. Like when I was little except mine are all pink.
What else? Keeping fit is important: I like to ride my bike and go walking. There is a lot of bushland around which I love to explore. There are some quite wild places and it is often possible to walk all day without meeting anyone else. I would like to write stories but I'm much too much of a dreamer.
I joined this site cause it appeals!