It is standard staff policy not to comment on the cases of banned members.

That said, the staff has determined that we should make a special exception in this case, explaining why we banned AngelaBauer.

We are making this one-time exception for the following reasons:

(1) ADISC members have repeatedly and of their own volition asked for clarification on why this long-running and very influential member was banned. I mentioned more transparency as a goal in our 2011 review and 2012 goals thread, and answering this often-asked question seemed a good way to make progress towards that goal.

(2) While all of our bans are based on solid evidence, typically, that evidence is not open to the public. In this case, however, much of the suspicion about AngelaBauer's identity arose mostly from public statements she had made. Thus, we are able to discuss it in a way we cannot with other bans, because her comments are still online for all to read.

(3) While we are used to individuals who were banned for very good reason making false statements about us, AngelaBauer has taken this to a new level, and we feel compelled to set the record straight.

(4) AngelaBauer has made statements which seem to us to be outright lies. As we value honesty, we have become increasingly uncomfortable about staying silent on her case, feeling that she is deceiving the wider AB/DL community.

Narrative of the Investigation

Our investigation started in late 2010 when a member came forward to tell us that the poster "AngelaBauer" is in fact her ex-boyfriend Don, who she split up with years ago, but who subsequently stole her identity and apparently is still pretending to be her.
More than simply assuming her existing identity, the ex-boyfriend apparently also created an elaborate backstory for this false persona. Part of the allegation was that "Don" is using his girlfriend's old photos as part of this identity theft, and this is why all the photos/videos of "Angela" are decades old.

Obviously this report was rather alarming, as AngelaBauer was a member in very good standing on ADISC at the time, much like "she" still is elsewhere today. So, we went to work trying to find evidence to clear Angela's good name.

All the evidence we found, however, turned out to be more consistent with that member's story of impersonation, than it was with Angela's claims. We still hoped that Angela was innocent, and this was all some sort of elaborate trolling attempt. At the time, Angela was listed as our "legal advisor", and with her identity in doubt, we needed verification of her credentials to allow her to continue to hold this title. So, we asked her, in November 2010, to verify her identity in some way, so we could disprove the allegations made, and move on. We asked her to undergo the voluntary ID Verification Program we offer on a voluntary basis to our EC+ members. The "legal advisor" title, was, after all, an official ADISC title. We normally require all staff to complete ID Verification before they can join the staff team. While her role was not a staff one, she was still volunteering for us, and all volunteers are typically required to complete at least the same level of ID verification that many members choose to complete voluntarily. Additionally, we asked her to prove that she was, in fact, a lawyer, given the nature of the "legal advisor" title. Angela declined to do either, and instead agreed to us removing the title.

After some odd postings in March 2011 caught our attention again, we reopened the case and did a particularly detailed scouring of her posts for inconsistencies. We uncovered things we had previously missed, and it was at this point that the evidence against her became overwhelming. Faced with such evidence that she was an impostor, and with her refusing to give us any evidence to the contrary, we had no choice. Our rules prohibit impersonation, and with it looking like she was an impostor, we had to remove her.

She emailed us to inquire about the ban, and we unfortunately had to insist that until she can produce some evidence in her defense, such as completing ID Verification, we could not allow her to return. She emailed stating that she was declining to do so and we have not communicated with "her" since April 2, 2011.

For reference, our voluntary ID Verification program works like this: we require the member asking to undertake it to send a photo of his/herself holding up (A) a piece of paper with their username written on it, and (B) two random household items assigned by a moderator. Such a photo is sufficient to prove that someone is roughly the age/gender they say they are. The photo only needs to be visible to a moderator for a short time. It can be deleted afterwards. We do not retain it.

As Angela has apparently posted many pictures of herself, and even some videos, the idea of her taking one more significantly less revealing picture to clear her name, in light of compelling evidence against her, seemed a pretty reasonable request.
That said, we are also open to any other equivalent evidence in her favor. We merely asked her to complete ID Verification because it was a simple method, and in line with our existing infrastructure.

We still wish she would clear her name, as we have no desire to have her banned, if she really is who she says she is.

Listing of Some Publicly Available Evidence that Angela Bauer is an Imposter

1. Angela Bauer has claimed, in her ADISC introduction, that her username is her real name. Her profile states she is from California, USA Los Angeles/Pasadena. However, there is no one by the name of Angela Bauer registered with the California bar association. Registration with the CA bar is required to practice law in CA. (Links: and QuickSearch)

2. She claims her oldest sister's name is Alice in her introduction, but 3 months later, she claims her oldest sister's name is Penny. (Links: and

3. She refers to her sister Misty's daughter frequently, but has used two different names for her - Karen and Nancy. She has never mentioned on ADISC that her sister has more than one daughter, and she mentions this daughter (her niece) a lot, so it is very odd that she would not mention that her sister has multiple daughters at least once. (Links: ( and

4. According to Angela's introduction, her college roommate Frances is a bed-wetter and wears Attends; however, in a later post, her roommate is only thinking about wearing diapers. In both cases, Frances has a plastic sheet on her bed. In a different post, though, Angela refers to her roommate as Francine, not Frances. She also suggests that Francine was not a bedwetter, did not have a plastic sheet and did not already wear Attends - until introduced to diapers by Angela. (Links: and and

5. In her introduction on ADISC, Angela claims her husband's name is Donald Charles Davis and that he was a producer for the ABC TV show "Twin Peaks." However, according to the IMDB complete credits for the series, the only 'Don Davis' listed is 'Don S. Davis', who Angela mentions was a different person. Thus, her claim about her husband appears to disprovable using only the public credits for the series. (Links: and IMDB complete credits for Twin Peaks - which mentions Don S. Davis but no Don C (Charles). Davis.)

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive.
Rather, it is simply a short list of some items from AngelaBauer's public statements which seem to contradict each other, and/or the public written record.
There is additional evidence, but much of it is circumstantial and/or private, and we don't want this post to grow any longer.

Still, we hope that the selection above, which everyone is welcome to check for themselves, shows why we started to doubt her story, especially given the specific reports we got from a member claiming that "Angela" stole their identity.

Closing Thoughts

Not all cases are so readily provable without private information as that of AngelaBauer. We ask the wider ABDL community to understand that our actions may not always make sense to everyone, but there's always a reason for them, even though we don't usually explain it in detail like this.

We also ask that if anyone has an ADISC-related issue, they contact us about it directly. We do want to help to the best of our ability, but in order to do that, people need to talk to us directly about any issues they have.