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    Am I the only one who has no attraction towards baby stuff, but still loves diapers? I like wearing and using them, but I have never felt any inclination to treat myself like a baby. Not that there is anything wrong with doing that, but it seems like all DLs are *Bs too.

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    You are far from the only one. There are loads of people who I have encountered that are only DLs. There are quite a few on this site.

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    You're far from the only one nerfbrony, I'm one of those who is just a DL, and isn't into anything baby-related.

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    Nappies were my first love but even when young I found baby things reminded me of nappies my interest in baby things was formed purely by association I'd recommend trying it especially with a partner, but hey if it's not your bag baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmydiaperboy View Post
    um.. yeah, you are not alone.
    just out of curiosity what part of MD are you from

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    I ain't into the whole baby game, but, I like diapers and GoodNites, etc, i like footy sleepers (they are really comfy), and i absolutely love the scent of Johnson's Baby Powder! You could say I'm a DL and a lil AB-curious....

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