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Thread: Learning the Bass Guitar

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    Question Learning the Bass Guitar

    Ok, ive finally decided to learn to play the Bass guitar, i have brought a Guitar and a Amp and am all set to go. Im unsure on the best way to learn,

    i) Get Paid for Lessons
    ii) Attempt to teach myself
    iii) Try to learn from a friend

    Im sure someone out their on ADISC has experience with learning the guitar/Bass, what methods did you find the best? Just to note i have never played a instrument before properly and cannot read Sheet music. I do however have a love for music.



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    i have a friend who found a keyboard in her house that belonged to her uncle she taught herself how to play at first without sheet music cause she also cant read music. and she learned a couple songs by listening to them and finding the same note.... and later on she got a few books...shes actually pretty good now

    so i would say teaching yourself is pretty good but its depends how you learn do you learn better by watching others or do you like to do it for yourself?

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    Like Mandy said, it's all a matter of finding out what works for you. It's also important to know what kind of music you want to play / write / learn. Getting lessons can really give you a classical understanding of how the instrument functions, but that does not necessarily benefit everybody. If you're looking to do more experimental, less popular types of composition or use, some lessons won't prepare you for that at all. Sometimes, we don't want to play "Little Brown Jug," but instead want to play "Hammer-smashed Face," but they won't teach us how we're supposed to.

    I'd start with getting some charts, learn how to tune it, replace your strings, and generally get comfortable with it. Then, maybe hit up a few lessons and see if they work out for you -- if they don't, then it might be best to embark on your own!

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    Geting paid lessons sounds good but it depends how much they know. So if you got the cash take the paid lessons.

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    That is sweet! Lessons are a good way to start for a lot of people. You don't have to take them for long, but as soon as you know some basic theory, you'll find teaching yourself much easier. I personally took guitar lessons for a while and they were helpful. Eventually you reach a point where you really just need to develop on your own, but to start, I don't think lessons are a bad option.

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    I don't play the guitar, but I would recommend getting lessons at least to begin with so you know the basics and you know them well. After a while you should know whether the lessons are valuable to you and you can decide from there.
    Also you'll probably learn how read sheet music easier if you're taught by a professional.

    I wouldn't recommend getting a friend to teach you, because they'll be less patient with you and might teach you bad habits.

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    I tried teaching myself to play, but it was a disaster, I'm not that musical to start with, how about some on line lessons to get you started, I'm sure someone someplace tought of that and you can find them.

    Then if you see you have what it takes, I certanly didn't, then you can get some lessons, from someone localy, that way at least you would have a start, untill you found someone in your area.

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    Your options :

    i) Get Paid for Lessons
    ii) Attempt to teach yourself
    iii) Try to learn from a friend

    My opinion :

    i)Best choice if you have money.

    ii)You could try. You won't be the next Jack Bruce, but you can make something. Your tools here are & guitar pro. Never mind the name, there's bass tabs and all sorts of stuff with those that will help you immensely out. Advised you use i & ii at the same time. Would be good.

    iii)This is a disaster, unless your friend is a long time musician that also teaches other people. (In fact, has certain acclaim).

    I am a fan of method i), but that's because that's how I learned to play Piano, Sing and handle Percussion instruments. But you should try all of those and see what's best for you. Although as a main rule i) or ii) are the safest options.

    Hope I helped. ; ]

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    Go here:
    They have guitar and bass tabs which are very simple to read.


    You would press the fret corresponding to the number. 0 being open. The strings are shown from high (on top) to low (bottom)

    String tuning (all bands do it differently)
    Frets to push (0 being open)

    F|---------------------------| <-- Highest
    C|---7-6-5-4----7-6-5-4---| <-- each line (from top to bottom is a string)
    G|--0-0-0------0--0-0-----| x4
    C|---------------------------| <--Lowest

    Go from left to right (obviously...)
    It reads like guitar hero if you tilt your head to the right.

    Here it is without all the marks:

    G|-00--0----00--0-----| x4

    Play around with it a little... thats how i learned guitar.

    Remember, YOU WONT LEARN OVERNIGHT! So don't get mad if you aren't able to do something. It will come to you.

    If that all fails, go here...

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