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Thread: Diapers in France...I need help!?

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    Default Diapers in France...I need help!?

    I'm going on holiday to France at the beginning of August and was wondering where is the best place, if any, to buy adult diapers/nappies?

    Can you buy them in supermarkets or small pharmacies or anywhere else?

    Any help in this matter would be much appreciated!

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    just about any supermarket or pharmacy in france sells adult diapers, and usually of better quality and cheaper price than here in the uk.

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    In France, they pay for healthcare unlike in the UK, so there are tonnes of pharmacies in France so you're well covered. Just look for a shop with a flashing green cross outside, that's one!

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    Mostly the supermarkets will sell their home brand (12 € for 20 pcs) and the TENA pull ups and slips (Super) in different sizes ( +/-18 €/20 pcs). Just checked it out today.

    If you go to a pharmacy, you can find other brands allthough TENA is the most common one. Pharmacies tend to have the complete range of diapers, from pull ups to Tena Supers, Plus and Maxi.

    Enjoy your stay in France.

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