View Poll Results: Are people too entrenched in their own ideologies?

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  • Most people are, and it is nearly impossible to compromise because of it.

    4 28.57%
  • Most people are, but compromise is still very possible.

    5 35.71%
  • Some, but they make it hard on the rest of us to compromise.

    2 14.29%
  • Some, but they don't really affect others' ability to compromise.

    1 7.14%
  • No

    2 14.29%
  • No opinion/unsure

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Thread: Are people too entrenched in their own ideologies?

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    Lightbulb Are people too entrenched in their own ideologies?

    Today was my first time voting , and me being a political junkie along with this being my first time voting has had my mind churning all day.

    Are people too entrenched in their own political ideologies and/or personal beliefs to the point where it is nearly impossible for us as a society to compromise?

    It just seems most people I talk to believe their ideology will most certainly fix any problem, and anyone who goes against it is almost 100% wrong. I've always had this point of view that the most efficient answer is between two extremes, and that compromise usually is the most efficient - albeit not always perfect - answer.

    And I suppose a followup question is in order:
    Do you believe your ideology is the most effective answer to the issues they address, and would your ideologies be more effective if you were willing to compromise on some level?

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    No thread on ideology would be complete without the song Ideology, by Billy Bragg:

    I don't know that we're any less polarized now than we ever were but I think despite the access to information via the Internet, many of us settle for the talking point distillation on an idea rather than really understanding it. There's a lot of things out there vying for our attention and it can be work to take the time to delve into the guts of a question rather than just skimming, making a decision, and moving on. I'm sure I've been guilty of this as well but I like to think that as individual issues gain prominence, I can be persuaded by new information and reasonable arguments. Compromise is often the best solution but there are also situations where it leads to problems (such as science). I guess the real trick is to judge properly when the harm of compromise is greater than not reaching a resolution.

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    Well personally I think there is always the chance to compromise, and rarely is it going to be to the point that it will do a massive amount of damage. There might be somethings I'd really hate to see compromise on, but isn't that sort of the point? Just my feelings, but if anyone wins it isn't compromise.

    Anyways I think compromise could still exist, but polarization is really doing a number on that. IT doesn't help that it seems if you try to work out/work out a deal to get something passed, there is someone with money that will run ad after ad after ad against you for actually being willing to *gasp* work with someone with different views (in politics)!

    I also think, though this may be off-topic, that people often are way too stuck in their views that when presented with solid evidence to challenge it, they just ignore it and keep spouting off the same junk. It doesn't help that we really don't seem to favor rationality to begin with, nor do we rarely talk with facts as it seems people have proven to be too stupid to listen for more then a minute. Yes I am a cynic, but I really feel that people are caring less about factional, rational debate, and prefer just the current noise and bullshit.

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